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Carla Speight

Ever since I was young I’ve been fascinated with capturing an image full of memories and the art of great story telling.
I was the girl that always had a camera. Thanks to my mum handing me a disposable camera, to keep me busy during school holidays. I quickly worked out that the device she gave me had the power to capture a moment in time and hold memories that last forever. From the first time I held the developed images in my hand, I was hooked.
Yes I started out with film cameras, learning as much as I could about photography and advancing my skills with the ever  progressing technology. This means I have the ability to work quickly. Timing is everything with film photography, you have to capture that moment without hesistation. This is a skill I have managed to transfer into every aspect of my work.
My passion for capturing moments and memories led me to working in entertainment. I started out photographing a peformance in exchange for a ticket to watch the rest of the show. This gave me the opportunity to build up my portfolio and progress into paid work.
During the early days of my career, I started writing about the shows I watched, and took the opportunity to interview the stars too. I found my love of capturing the moment could also be reproduced in my love of great story telling.
My writing and photography career grew  quickly, I’ve been lucky enough to have the skills that enabled me to work with household names and wonderful independent businesses who have all gone on to recommend me to others within their industries and my work often features in global publications.
The ability to promote my clients by capturing the heart of their story, naturally led me to working in marketing and public relations. I have developed my skills and contacts to work collaboratively, resulting in truly effective marketing and PR strategies for those in the entertainment and business industries. Making sure my clients are seen in the right places by the right people has  helped elevate their presence and achieve their goals.
My dad once told me “do a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” and he was right.

A bit about what I do

I offer a varied range of services, personal consultation and implementation of the various factors needed to promote personal brands and businesses.
With years of freelance photography, PR & Marketing experience, in the business sector, events industry and entertainment industry, I specialise in story-telling, focused marketing and PR. Together we can customise and help you develop a successful and effective PR & marketing strategy.
Promoting individuals, business and those in the entertainment industry are where my vast experience and knowledge are strongest. Clients range from influencers and celebrities, to businesses and brands needing an attentive approach to achieving successful marketing and PR.
Aberrant Perspectives, my sister company, provides the additional ability to focus on capturing the true, magical essence of your brand and business, in the form of commercial photography.
Services include: personal brand photography; headshots; publicity images; digital marketing; business, food and product photography. I also cover live music, live comedy, corporate events, celebrity events and festivals.

Alongside professional photography, I offer a wealth of writing services with strong distribution links for: press releases; statement releases; feature articles and much more. In addition, I offer copywriting, newsletter writing and blog writing to ensure your brand voice is established across all of your platforms.
Using various techniques tailored to your needs and all of my skills, we can collectively work towards raising awareness of your brand and business. I can create the narrative to ensure your brand and business is newsworthy and relevant; ensuring you reach and engage with the audience and customers you desire in ways that traditional advertising cannot always deliver.
I can also set up interviews and organise press events, launch events, charity events, corporate events, festivals, comedy nights and many more professional events.
Local, national, global news organisations and publications have all featured my work.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions and to discuss your requirements .

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