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National Days – How To Use Them For Your Digital Marketing Plans

Using national days for newsjacking in your marketing calendar is a great way to show that your business or personal brand is aware about a cause, and it is also a brilliant tool for boosting engagement and establishing relevance.

National days can be really fun and powerfully moving tools for any digital marketing strategy.

Why you need to use national days as a marketing tool?

Whether its Pride Week, International Women’s Day, or Brew Monday (yes, it exists), celebrating National Days builds the feeling of community, helps you reach your audience in a personalized way and increases your reach.

There’s no shortage of days to celebrate from the main hallmark days like Valentines, Easter Christmas, and New Year to the national lesser known one or days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday adopted from the USA. Observing days such as Bring your dog to work day, National Leave the Office Early Day, Afternoon Tea Week with your team also boosts their moral and creates a fun and engaging workspace. It shows your audience that you know how to take care of your team and creates an endearing quality for your brand.

There are many benefits for making national days a part of your marketing strategy. It can be a remarkable way to raise awareness for a specific cause, start a charity or you can partner up with a not-for-profit organization to launch a relevant product. This approach helps brands fulfil their corporate social responsibility as well as allow your brand to show its personality, voice its opinion and stand out from the crowd of emerging brands.

However, you should be aware, as with all marketing strategies, using National Days may also have some pitfalls. A thorough research needs to be done to decide which National Days to focus on. The ones that are easily available online, many a times aren’t necessarily real, or some might be silly for your brand persona or just quite out there. Using too many National Days can also create a negative impact for your brand.

How to carry out a marketing strategy using national days?

So, what’s the best way to efficiently use this brilliant tool you ask? Make sure that the national lesser-known days you choose are related to your brand and have some relevance, always give your brand’s opinion and thoughts on the day, highlight your brand’s personality and values as much as possible and make sure it doesn’t clash with any ongoing campaigns.

It is also quite important to know that hallmark days are planned ahead as they are the most popular and challenging. Every year, celebrating hallmark days requires an innovative spin to get everyone talking about the brand and the creativity that they manifested. These are the ones that are usually planned months in advance, for instance, Christmas is planned in July, Halloween in June, Valentines in October with trending hashtags such as #Movember, #Stoptober. Similarly, on Breast Cancer Awareness everybody wears pink, during Pride week, there is pride parade to show solidarity, and everybody is covered in pride colours. All the creative development, planning, and implementation are done way in advance to ensure maximum coverage and spread as much awareness as possible.

Want to know more about how to use National Days and how to use them? Or maybe you have some questions about which ones you should be using, how and why? Our business consultancy services use these and many other powerful tools to help you elevate the presence of your brand and grow your business.

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