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Influencer Marketing & Celebrity Endorsements

Done For You

We work with a range of public figures, from social media influencers, TV celebrities and presenters to podcasters. Our wide range of contacts across industries guarantee that we can negotiate the best deals for you and your brand.

The collaborations we set up will not only increase the online presence of your brand, they will also increase wider awareness, build trust, develope organic reccomendations and ultimately drive up sales.

Influencer Marketing & Celebrity Endorsements are key to activating your brand and putting infront of your ideal customer.

If you hire our services as a business, we can hook you up with the public figures from our roster and beyond. We will connect you with celebrities and influencers who’s audiences are relevant to your target market.

We work closely with you and the celbrities and influencers to ensureyour messaging is clear and it is delivered using authentic marketing activities to increase your customer base for your product or service on offer.

We connect you with the best influencers and celebrities out there, utilising your budget to deliver the best results and maximise the effectiveness of the campaigns they deliver.

From social media to offline events, we can provide an end-to-end service to help you plan an effective strategy and find the right celebrities and influencers who have the perfect audiences to showcase your brand to. We deliver and monitor the effectiveness of your campaign to take your brand to the next level.

More and more people are turning to celebrities and influencers for recommendations when it comes to trusting a brand, so let us help you plan out your celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing campaigns in a way that will maximise ROI and sales for your company.

To discover more about how our Done For You Influencer Marketing & Celebrity Endorsements service works & what we can do for your business