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Website For The Win – Top Tips For Digital Marketing For Podcasts

Today, everything is digital. To spread word about your podcast, you may think that posting about it on social media, which is all-pervading now, is your only option but that’s not true.

Thanks to the ever-changing and elusive functioning of the algorithm, a lot of your audience probably does not even see everything that you post on your social media. So it is still vitally important to have a website for effective digital marketing for podcasts.

A website is a vital part of any podcaster’s digital marketing strategy. It encourages growth and offers an online hub for your listeners to find you, recommend you & more.

A Dedicated Space For Your Podcast

Use your website to tell your audience everything they need to know about your podcast. You can divide your website into different pages and sections that talk about who the presenters are, what the podcast is about and other relevant information. You can also let prospective collaborators learn how to be on the podcast!

A Library Of Your Episodes.

You can use your website to host old episodes with SEO friendly descriptions so that people can find it on search engines if they have not already come across it on a streaming platform. Your audience will be able to access all your content together easily, so that’s another plus. This can also link nicely to your paid for content if you include teaser photos and clips.

Host Your Own Exclusive Content.

You can create a space on your website where your audience can pay for exclusive content for your podcast. This will boost engagement and drive excitement among your listeners. Besides improving digital marketing for podcasts, this can also help with community building among audience members.

Announcements All In One Place

While social media can be good for immediate announcements, those posts are temporary or get lost in a sea of content. Imagine being able to give your audience a place to read more information about your announcements? Make it easier for your listeners to look up information and announcements regarding your podcast. After all, all the pros have a website which they refer to in their podcast episodes.

Digital Marketing For Podcast Monetisation

You don’t have to be on somebody else’s beck and call to release merchandise or manage event tickets for you anymore.

Create your own shop on your website as part of your digital marketing strategy and monetise the hell out of it. Your website will help you become independent and forge your own way of engaging with your audience.

Build a mailing list

Add a prompt to sign up to your mailing list to offer an extra layer of digital marketing for podcasts. This can increase the level of sponsorship you get, increase listens to your latest episodes and helps you engage with your audience as a community. Stop relying on social media as your own only means of communication, should there be a blackout.

There you go! It’s always good to have a digital marketing strategy that includes a website from the earliest point in your podcast journey. But if you didn’t think about that from day one, don’t worry you can add it into your digital marketing strategy and start promoting it at any time. It’s good to focus on creating good content and establishing a good audience for it. It’s not too late to use this guide to digital marketing for your podcast.

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