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Done With You

Everyone has a podcast right? But, not everyone has a hit podcast and there’s so many reasons why that’s the case. Most of the hit podcasts we all know about, listen to and even recommend to our friends and family, have an agency behind them.

Not everyone can afford an agency or even a freelancer. But that doesn’t mean your podcast idea or even your existing podcast shouldn’t become a hit. Most of the time, the best ideas were created at the kitchen table and they just need a bit of help to get it out there. Which is why Carla has created these podcast consultancy done with you sessions.

Carla has taken podcasts from ideas, to award winning, sell out live shows. She has also helped existing podcasters tune into what their audience really wants. Helping them to increase their audience numbers and get great sponsors. Plus develop monetisation strategies to enable them to earn a great income from their podcast.

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