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Separate Social Media Channels Are A Must For Your Podcast!

An important part of creating online content is maintaining a good social media presence. This holds true for podcasts as well. Moreover, it is important to have a dedicated space for your podcast audience, instead of being mixed together with an audience that expects a different product or service. Let’s break down the importance of having separate social media channels.

Dedicated social media pages for your podcast can  help boost your profile. Read on to find out how and why you need seperate social media.

Help Your Audience Know What To Expect

If you create different kinds of content, you need to segment your audience by having different social media pages for them so that you don’t bore part of your audience. If your podcast audience follows you, they are likely not interested in your posts about something unrelated to your podcast. If they see repeated posts that they have no interest in, they will hit the unfollow button quickly.

Keep Your Private Life On A Separate Social Media Channel

While showcasing your personality can help build your audience, the listeners of a true-crime podcast would not be interested in learning what you had for lunch. It will make it difficult for your followers to find clips and related posts to your podcast. So instead of mixing up the pictures of your family with your podcast-related content, have different social media profiles and just mention your personal page in the bio. If someone is interested in learning more about your personal life, they could just follow your other profile. You can build your personal brand and podcast separately, your audience won’t get annoyed and the ones interested in both you and the podcast can follow both pages – everybody wins!

Don’t Underestimate SEO

Having different social media accounts can also help build your SEO. If your Instagram page has the right username and name, related to your podcast, your listeners will be able to find it easily via search engines. If you use your own name instead, people might get confused and not find a dedicated page for the podcast where they can get extra content related to it and connect with other fans.

Reach Your Audience Effectively

Having separate social media channels ensures that your audience does not miss out on important announcements about the podcast. If you were posting news related to other businesses or from your personal life, your followers could put you on mute or skip through your posts. Having a podcast-focused page would encourage your followers to go through the content posted more religiously. It also builds an extra layer of engagement through features, teasers and new episode announcements that can be a highlight of the week for your audience if they’re posted on the same day every week. This will make your audience expect something exciting from your social media page!

Put Everything Together

Having all your content on a specific social media channel will help your audience access it easily, making them want to binge your content instead of only listening to one thing and then moving on to another podcast. Your social media presence can help you retain your audience, so use it effectively!

Repurpose Your Content

You can take your followers back to old episodes as well as introduce new listeners to your content. Plus, you can take advantage of national days or festivals as topics of conversation and repurpose existing content to talk about something topical. Imagine having a hilarious moment that features a story about something that can be attached to a national awareness day. You can make a clip of that and repost it using hashtags, growing your reach.

So you see, dedicated social media pages for your podcast can  help boost your profile. They form a vital part of any profession podcast’s digital marketing strategy, providing long term growth for your podcast. They help boost interraction, grow your audience, offer higher levels of sponsorship, opportunities for your podcast to go viral, create organic growth opportunites and so much more.

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