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Beginner Podcast Consultancy

– Done With You –

Not everyone can afford a monthly retainer for a freelancer or agency, to develop hit podcast formats. Let alone create an in depth PR and marketing strategy for them. Which is why I offer podcast consultancy sessions to help you set out a clear plan to achieve your podcast goals.

I’ve been helping beginners to currate podcasts that go from an idea, to award winning, sell out live podcast shows. Using all my experience in formatting and what people want to hear. Plus developing PR and marketing strategies, to put them infront of millions of new audience members for all the right reasons.

Each podcast creator’s needs are different. That’s why in your expert led sessions, we work together to devlop you idea into a format for a hit show, with a personalised PR and marketing strategy. I also empower you with the tools you need to implement your action plans and strategy successfully.

Book Your Done With You Sessions

When you book consultancy sessions with me, you will receive honest expert advice. We will work together over an initial series of 4 x one hour sessions. Together we will define your goals and develop a format for your next hit podcast. We will also build a personalised PR and marketing strategy to take your podcast to whole new levels of success.

I will teach you the relevant skills you need to achieve your goals. Plus you will learn how to present your podcast in the right way, to the right people. We will build a sustainable action plan, which will help you to achieve what you set out to do. Plus at the end of your first session you will receive a copy of your personalised strategy and a continuing action plan for you to implement.

What you can achieve in your

Done With You sessions:

  • Develop your idea and create a hit podcast format.
  • What tech and software you need.
  • Make your podcast newsworthy and memorable.
  • Become the podcast everyone is recommending.
  • Be a thought leader and industry expert.
  • Influencer and celebrity guest booking strategies.
  • Professional podcast PR and marketing tools.
  • Planning for live show success.
  • Audience development strategies.
  • What podcasts you should be featuring on and how to get booked.
  • Press and wider media you need to be seen in and how.

  • Effective social media and digital marketing.

  • Make exposure work for you. Learn where to find these kinds of opportunities and how to make them work for you.

  • Establish meaningful partnerships.

  • Monetisation and sponsorship success strategies.

  • How to use PR to establish and grow your podcast.

  • Audience first strategies.

  • Plus so much more!

Book Your Done With You Sessions

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Where will our sessions be held?

Our sessions will be held on Zoom. 

What do I need during our sessions?

You will need a notepad and pen. It’s always useful to jot ideas down as we go through our sessions, but it’s not essential as I will send you a bespoke strategy full of useful tips and guidance.

How to prepare for our sessions.

You’ll be sent a short questionaire ahead of our first session, it is vital that you fill this in a return it to me in advance. This enables me to create tailored training for you. With that information I can create an effective PR and marketing plan and develop a strategy for us to work through during our sessions. It will also give me an idea of what you want to achieve, what your skills are and it will help me work towards creating some achievable goals for you to work towards.

What happens after our sessions?

You will be sent a ‘to do’ list to break down the steps in implementing the bespoke strategy, after each of our sessions are over. As this will be a part of a series of bookings, we will continue to build on your skills during each of our sessions.

What results should you expect from our sessions?

This is completely up to you. If you are fully prepared to set realistic targets, achievable goals, plus you commit to doing the work and implement all of the the action plans and strategies, then you will achieve your goals. But this is ultimately up to you to do the work and make it happen after our sessions. 

How frequently do I have to be available for these sessions?

This is completely up to you. We can work with your schedule, I would recommend that the longest gap between sessions is two weeks though, as this keeps you on track and builds on your skills, whilst delivering results in a more timely fashion.

Book Your Done With You Sessions