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Mic at a podcast studio

Mistakes Every Podcaster Makes

None of us are perfect or learn right off the bat and the same is true for any podcaster. Podcasters are humans too and it’s good to learn from your mistakes. Hence, we have compiled a guide of common mistakes while creating a podcast and how to avoid them so that you can create the best quality content for your listeners!

Make your podcast better by avoiding these common mistakes!


While creating a podcast, every single episode needs a structure. Yes, you read that right, even your 100th episode needs some structure. It provides a sense of direction and increases audience familiarity by setting and keeping expectations. It also keeps you in command of what is going on.

Even the most ‘free-flowing’ podcasts have a framework, a set of themes to discuss, and follow-up topics. It’s a running sequence of events and talking points, not a comprehensive script. After all, you don’t want to come across as clumsy and lazy.


Before recording any episode, proper presentation and research is a must for a podcaster just as knowing the recipe and the ingredients is a must for a chef. To create a podcast that is high-quality, a podcaster should always research their guest, study about the topic and theme they have chosen even if they are an expert so that the episode goes in the direction planned. Researching and making notes will also enable you to have an enriching conversation with your guests and provide your audiences with recommendations and discussions to look forward to.

Social media presence

Promoting and creating a social media presence for your podcast is as important as creating the world’s best podcast. Make social media posts, dedicate a personal online space for your podcast, like a library, where your audience can find all your content, episodes, information on what’s coming next, announcements about guests featuring, merchandise available and what not. Shout about it and give your followers a reason to stay! Pick an interesting name and theme that mean something to you yet is simple and easy to remember. Simplistic handles and promotion across platforms means your podcast is easy to find, and you will get follower growth alongside your audience growth.

Remember the ‘why’

Even the most famous and talented people feel nervous in front of a mic and its alright. The key is to remember the ‘why’ behind creating a podcast and that it’s a way for you to share your passion with your audience and connect. It’s about having great conversation while having fun! Have a natural and engaging conversation like you have with your mates and that will create an impactful and lively podcast that your audience will want to stick around for.

Do the work and offer extra value to your listeners! Give them teasers, signpost recommendations and discuss them every week. Engage with them on social media channels, ask them who would they like to see as a guest or what topic would they like to hear more on. Remember your audience comes first so think from their perspective, what would they want to hear about.

Avoiding these mistakes and putting in the extra effort will help take your podcast to the next level. Nothing spreads better than word of mouth and it’s even more impactful when your audience knows you are authentic and genuinely passionate about the subject!

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