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Want To Make A Podcast Better? Introduce Your Guests!

There are millions of podcasts out there, so how do you make a podcast of your own stand out? To hook your listeners in you need to have excellent knowledge about the topic you’re talking abou. This will help you have engaging and witty content until the end of each episode.

With that said, its vital to research your guests thoroughly, create an impactful introduction for them and avoid the “this person needs no introduction” crap intro. Our mini guide will explain how to make a podcast better by knowing everything about your guests!

Don’t leave your guests unintroduced! Read on to find out why you need to research them to make a podcast better than before.

Be professional

“Often the host doesn’t bother to look up their guests or read up on the subject they want to talk about. It’s tedious and often cringeworthy to listen to. Which is why research is a must; even if you believe you know everything, you probably don’t, therefore it’s worth double-checking and scribbling notes. Any speaker you invite should be thoroughly researched. Research everything there is to know about any guest you book. Even Graham Norton has a list of things he can speak to them about: from the obscure party tricks to key moments in their lives and details of what they are promoting. This keeps the conversation flowing, steers you away from lame questions like “what’s your favourite colour” or “what’s the perfect dinner party guest list.

It also conveys to the guest and the audience that you are professional and know how to make a podcast. This will be noticed by other agents and guests when you pitch them to be a part of your podcast.

Not everyone knows them

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not everyone in your audience will know your guest or be aware of the achievements. It’s important to introduce them to your audience to avoid an awkward “who even is this?”. Or worse, “never heard of them” comments from your community. You need to show why should people listen in and the value of being part of your listenership.

Make it natural

Always introduce your guests separately, after all no-one likes their CV being read out, or their accomplishments being announced just before they speak. Consider recording their well-researched intro away from them and slip it in during the edit. If it’s done well, they will hear it in the full episode after they’ve been there and be delighted with it. You should also not embarrass them by sounding like a super fan or geek level expert in their careers and accomplishments in front of them. The episode should always come across as a fun and friendly conversation, otherwise it can make a podcast awkward!

Be prepared

It’s worthwhile having an order of topics to be discussed and a stack of back up questions prepared in case the guest isn’t as talkative as you’d hoped. Or they fly through the questions, and you still have time left. So, it’s good practice to always be prepared to fill up those dead silences and have a smoother running of the show.

Are they the right fit?

Always think about whether your features are right for the guest. This means thinking about spiritual, religious, diet or lifestyle related reasons why your guest might not want to do your regular feature. You can check with them first or adjust the format to suit them. For example, you don’t see vegans on I’m A Celebrity eating challenges for a reason. There are many reasons why a feature can be offensive or upsetting for a guest. So, check first and do the right thing, don’t spring it on them. Practices such as these show that you are a professional and you know what you are doing!


It can be a little tricky, but it is extremely important to research your guests to make your audience more invested in your podcast. So don’t skimp on this important process!

Let us help you!

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