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Make A Podcast Better By Adding Features

Podcasts are the big thing now and rightly so; they encapsulate varied storytelling and promotional skills that are required for any brand or person to stand out and create something of their own. They create a whole new world, a culture for audiences to escape into and it goes straight into their ears! The possibilities are endless and with an exponential rise in podcast listeners, now is the time to make a podcast of your own.

What do succesful podcasts have in common? 
Read on to find out.

What do excellent and successful podcasts have in common?

One word: Features.

What are they and how can you make a podcast better by using them?

Features are subtle characteristics that are consistent in a podcast and regardless of style and genre, make the brilliant ones stand out. Podcasters job is to give the audience something worth listening to and build a community that share the same passion for something they can collectively enjoy, and features are the way to do it.

Incorporating features such as asking certain set of questions while interviewing a guest, reappearing style of episodes such as conversational episodes on a specific topic, interviewing a host, storytelling episodes focused on life updates or a recent change in the podcaster’s life and an ongoing theme or narrative that all episodes revolve around builds familiarity and allows you to engage with your audience.

Us humans, find comfort in our favourite meals, smells, and beloved songs that we associate with happy memories and emotions. All the great movies, tv shows and adverts have them, indeed music is the food for the soul, and even the best podcasts have them. Choosing a music that is recognizable and in tune with your theme, will make your podcast an integral part of your audience’s life. They wouldn’t want to miss that oh-so-familiar tune as we never want to miss Harry potters theme music. It’s also a nice touch to use music throughout the episode appropriately, for instance, when a guest talks about their favourite song, your audience will want to hear it! Though it’s worth pointing out that right now this feature is only available on Spotify using their platform Anchor.fm

To make a podcast engaging and impressive, signposting and suggesting books to read, music to listen to, movies and series to watch is an impactful way to create value for your listeners. They can explore the same content you like allowing you to share your passions with your audience on another level as well as give them something to look forward to in the next episode where the suggestions can be discussed before jumping into that week’s topic.

Features also help you to create superior quality social media posts to drive engagement and boost listenership. Truly, features are a must to build a wonderful podcast as they are what converts casual listeners into loyal and long-term followers.

Let us help you!

Yes, it can be a little tricky but with a little guidance and a little fun, our podcast consultancy services can help you make a podcast that both you and your audience will love! Get in touch if you want us to be a part of your journey!