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How to make a podcast successful: research!

From true-crime podcasts to inspirational ones, podcasts are the new black. They are popular, they intrigue and inspire people, and they are a great way to build community as well as spread knowledge and awareness. Indeed, this is the moment of podcasts and if you are pondering about how to take advantage of this momentum and how to make a podcast of your own take off, we have compiled a mini guide on the importance of researching as it is a key part in your planning process for the success of your podcast!

Make your podcast better by investing time in research. Read more to find out why that’s important.

Look up your topics and guests

If you listen to podcasts frequently you must have come across a show where the host is clueless or have little expertise on the subject or person being discussed. Yep, listening to it is tiresome, cringeworthy and a waste of your valuable time. That is why research is so important; even if you believe you know everything about your topic or guest, you probably don’t, therefore it’s worth double-checking and taking notes. Topics and guests need loads of research to make sure you sound like you know what you’re talking about, and you are a professional.

Keep up with current trends

When you make a podcast, it’s vital to keep up with the industry trends and new items even if you think you know it all because it will highlight that you know what you’re talking about, building an instant trust with the audience. Planning and research are crucial in order to make a podcast an impactful and successful venture and hence, always plan your episodes and research ever bit of any news item, trends and latest developments about the subject or person you’re including in your show!

Improve the quality of your podcast

Researching is the sure-fire way to show that you have a command over the podcast’s topic and the value of being part of your listenership. Having engaging and witty content will create a free-flowing natural conversation between you and your guest as well as give your audience a reason to stick around, experience the show and imagine it in their head. It will also build a community of listeners who share the same passion, care about the same things, and create a deeper relationship between you and your audience as they will know that then can trust you and the information provided. After all you don’t want to come across as a person who is lazy, tedious, and tongue-tied, who is creating a show just for the sake of it and has no authenticity or passion towards the subject matter or podcasting itself.

Tailor your content

It is also important to tailor your content according to the niche you want to build your community of listeners around and what your audience wants to listen to because a podcast wouldn’t exist if the host didn’t work with the audience to give them what they want and listen to them when they make suggestions such as features, guests, and topic requests. They have the power to make a podcast huge and podcasters should keep them in mind during the creative and planning process. Therefore, it’s worthwhile focusing on who’s actually listening by keeping an eye on audience statistics.

Research is also a jumping-off point for new ideas and content creation and can also add a layer of substance to your show however managing and gathering research can be a messy business. It involves so many elements from jotting down notes, reading and collecting data from news and articles, referencing trending videos and conversations, about your topic to writing down all your ideas whether they strike you while taking a shower or while you are talking to somebody, connecting all the dots and weaving a story!

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