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Everyone has a podcast, so how do you make a podcast stand out?

 Are you a budding podcaster trying to find your rhythm? Are you struggling to find that magic formula that will help to grow your audience numbers? Do you want to know what the professionals do? Then you are at the right place. We have created a simple guide on how to make a podcast stand out.

Want to know how to make your podcast stand out from the rest? Read on for our top tips that you need to know.

First things first, what is your motivation behind making a podcast? Is it a passion project or is the sole purpose monetary gain? The best podcasts are the ones that excite, motivate, and invigorate their audience! The content you create should be unique and something that excites you yet personal and relatable for your audience. So, think back to your why and then think about your skills and experience in that subject. Discover the heart of your subject.

You are making a podcast for your audience. They should always come first and so, before structuring out the content for an episode always think about what would you like to listen to if you tuned in? What does your target audience want to listen to? What would allow you to share your passion with your audience? How can you build a community that share the same interests and have the same values?

Breaking the fourth wall and coming across as a friend and not a just podcaster is crucial while making a podcast. The audience is not looking for a tedious and professional guide on various topics, that’s what Google is for. They are looking for a familiar, warm, and approachable person then can forge a deep connection with based on similar interests, sense of humour, passion projects and similar thought process. Building on what your listeners want is how you create something worth sticking for.

Sound is everything to make a podcast. Can you imagine hearing someone’s every single breath straight into your ear? Yes, no one needs that! But expensive tech isn’t the be all and end all to a brilliant podcast. A quiet room and a mic on your headphones will be good enough because the trick is to listen back to your recording. Is the sound clear? Is there any heavy breathing? Keep track of those sounds and edit them all out!

Planning and consistency are the key to a successful podcast. Have you ever listened to an episode where they quickly run out of things to say, or the podcast is a bit flat? That’s because they literally did run out of things to say, because they hadn’t researched what they were talking about. Which is why it’s vital to plan all the talking points and all the features. Research all your topics and guests to keep the conversation flowing. Want to release your latest episode on a Wednesday? Don’t be lazy and do that every week preferable at the same time. Put it in your podcast bio. Regular features work to make your listeners familiar with your theme, format, and structure.

Creating an online presence for your podcasts adds value for your listeners. Think of it this way, you can give your audience a library of your content, your episodes, your bio, whatever you like. All in one place! Set up socials & pattern from day one, then tell your audience they exist after all they aren’t mind readers. A dedicated personal space for your podcasts creates an immersive experience for your listeners and keeps them hooked about what’s new and what’s coming next? You can also provide teasers and sneak peaks of your next episodes!

Don’t forget to head on over to our website page if you want us to join your tribe! Our range of podcast consultancy services can help you make a podcast that both you and your audience will love!

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Our range of podcast consultancy services can help you create a podcast that both you and your audience will love!