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Are you listening to your audience while making a podcast?

Nowadays there is a podcast for everything. No matter what you like, you can make a podcast catering to your passion, interests, and hobbies. But is making a podcast a self-indulgent activity for you or do you take the time to listen to your audience? There are (and there should be) many ways for your audience to reach you. It’s important for you to take their feedback into account to make a podcast that is successful.

We’ve compiled a mini guide on why putting your audience first and tailoring content accordingly is a sure-fire way of creating a successful podcast!

Your audience are key to the success of your podcast. But are you listening to them?

Make A Podcast That Involves Your Audience

Audiences feel way more connected to podcasts and hosts that keep things interactive. There are many ways you can do this. You can ask your audience to submit questions for you to answer in your podcast or ask them for topics they want you to base your podcast episode around. This is why it’s important to have a dedicated social media page for your podcast, so that you can communicate with your audience directly

Pay Attention To What They Like

When you drop a new podcast episode, check how your audience is responding to it. Check your DMs and browse through your top comments to gauge the reaction towards your podcast. Now we’re not saying that you need to alter your content based on what trolls say about you! But look at the constructive feedback people leave because that can make a podcast elevate its quality.

Be Inclusive

Although podcasts are audio-focussed, creators have been resorting to visual platforms like Youtube to create video-podcasts. This can be helpful for audiences that may otherwise feel excluded, such as the deaf community, as they can switch on the closed captions to follow along what you are saying. Making your content accessible will foster good-will with your audience, attract a  large following from typically excluded audiences and help them enjoy content that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Grow With Your Audience

Many online creators fade into irrelevancy because they refuse to listen to and grow with their audience. If you want to make a podcast that lasts, it is important for you to invest time into making a loyal community. Take their feedback seriously and incorporate elements of that in your podcast to make them feel valued and keep them interested. Doing so will guarantee your success as a creator and boost your listenership.

Making a podcast that caters to your audience’s interests and not just your own is important. While you should talk about topics that fall within your interests, consider how you can make your audience feel more heard. The more they feel involved, the more they will be invested in your podcast.

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