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Podcast consultancy for beginners

An Effective Podcast Plan: Structure your Success!

A key part of podcast planning is structuring episodes to increase engagement and keep the listeners hooked until the very end. It helps in creating captivating and consistent podcast episodes. Wondering why it’s important? We have compiled a mini guide on why keeping a strict structure is key to a successful podcast plan.

Even the most free sounding podcasts have a structure and a plan. Here’s what we recommend you plan & why.

Help Your Audience Follow You

Your audience as well as your guests will be confused if you’re chatting haphazardly with no clue where you’re heading next. Using a basic podcast framework to structure your episodes makes it simpler to keep your audience engaged and to follow what you are speaking for listeners, presenters, and guests alike.

A standard structure throughout all the episodes keeps a regularity and slick professional flow for listeners to really immerse themselves into episodes. A set of guidelines may help you figure out what comes next, produce intriguing content ideas, and put the episodes together.

Form A Podcast Plan That Makes You Look Professional

Structuring your podcast as a story, stops things from feeling random and amateurish as well as keeps you on track to create a fully creative episode which makes sense, keeps the audience

hooked, and is enjoyable. Narrating your topic as a story makes it more real and authentic for your audience and enables them to imagine it, experience it and feel it in their heads!

To create an immersive and captivating narrating experience you need to focus on the 3 essential elements, a beginning, a middle and an end. A podcast with all these elements makes for a brilliant listening experience. The beginning of your episode should draw the viewers in, and the middle should include the core material of your episode. At the end, you should summarise what your audience has learned and where they should take it from here, maybe follow up on a recommendation or explore a sub-topic.

Let Your Audience Know What To Expect

A podcast structure builds familiarity with your audience. After all, no one really likes surprises or not knowing what’s coming next. The uncertainty of what’s going to happen can make the audience feel uncomfortable which can further lead them to switch off. It’s vital to have a consistent flow and order of things so that your audience knows what to expect, yet the fresh and creative content of each episode gives them something to stick around for!

Offering extra value to your listeners every week at the same time by providing behind the scenes photo’s, videos of the recording, extra content that you edited out of the main episode will create anticipation and buzz around each episode and drive listenership. It will also help attract sponsors because when they see clear opportunities they will want to feature in and this in turn will drive up the revenue.

A well-founded podcast plan and structure is a must to create something your audience will want to listen to, that will not only excite and motivate you but your audience as well and which will help in birthing a successful podcast!

Let us help you!

Mastering the basics of podcasting needs some guidance and our range of podcast consultancy services can help you build something both you and your audience will love!