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Travel, Destination & Leisure PR

Done For You

Travel & Leisure PR campaigns have become a fun and exciting way to boost awareness for your brand. With ingenuitive PR and Marketing strategies, your business can beome the destination eveyone talks about and wants to visit, for all the irght reasons.

If your business is located in this industry, you can trust our experienced team to draw up impactful PR and marketing strategies to make your Travel and leisure business stand out for all the right reasons.

PR is vital to supporting you in presenting your travel or leisure business as a key destination for your customers to want to vist time and time again.

Whether you are a hotel, an airline, a tour operator, a restaurant, a hotel owner, a luxury camping spot or any other travel and leisure company that wants to invest in a unique and fresh PR strategy, we’re your people! From leisure to luxury campaigns – we do it all!

Our work has included doing PR activities for individual hotels, hotel chains, tour operators, cruise operators, airlines and OTAs. We have organised bespoke campaigns for each sector within the travel and leisure industry, supporting them to achieve their goals and go beyond expectations.

When we are hired for our services, we can help you refine your business goals and strategies. We get right to the heart of what makes your business the dream destination for oyur target audience.

Arranging press events and trips. Influencer marketing. Celebrity endorsements. Trade reviews and features. Blogger guides. Launch events. Seasonal events. Travel media relations. We can manage all of this, plus so much more to make sure your business is the one everyone’s talking about for the right reasons.

To discover more about how our Travel, Leisure and Destination PR service & what we can do for your brand


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