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PR & Marketing

A well thought out PR & marketing plan, is the key to connecting you to your customers. With the rise in social media and impressive visuals, the back bone of every connection with consumers is a well thought out story with purposeful and timely delivery in the right places and publications.

Well placed articles give you an opportunity to use your voice and engage with your audience in ways that can be implemented across all forms of media. Professional visuals grab attention, and the stories behind them, leave lasting impressions that can inspire, engage and connect.

A clear message and a touch of personality works collaboratively to give you and your brand an established voice. Presenting that in the right places and publications gives you that key element for relationship building with your audience. They say that ‘all PR is good PR’ but I believe you should take control of the narrative and tell your story the right way to the right people. This way you know you will achieve what you set out to do.

Historically, story telling is the oldest form of communication and it’s longevity through the ages offers confidence within the readership. Even the most established brands and businesses rely on great story telling from their public relations departments. They also rely on a well thought out marketing plan to back up their PR. Collectively, when this is delivered in the right places they continue to grow their visability, building trust and ¬†familiarity with their customers and increase their sales organically.

A well thought out PR & Marketing plan, delivered in the right places and publications, is key to helping you grow your visibility, develop your reputation and increase your sales.

My work has been featured globally. I have promoted brands, performers and businesses both big and small. I will work with you to find your story and establish your message, to deliver effective and memorable PR & marketing that will grow your sales organically.

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