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How To Pitch To A Journalist?

In this age of digital landscape where numerous social media tools, sites, news feeds, content and strategies are fighting to be seen by a journalist it is indeed next to impossible to understand what makes a successful PR pitch. Your brand story needs to stand out and be unique to be seen amidst a sea of viral content. However, getting seen is not where the battle ends, the bigger challenge is to convey the media house to write about your brand.

Wondering how to pitch to a journalist so that they not only likes it but writes about it as well? Read on to find out how to pitch to a journalist.

Research, Research, Research

First things first, before you send a pitch, you need to think and research about the publication and the journalist for targeted approach. What type of readership does the publication have, the interests and demographics of the readers and what topics does the journalist cover to make certain your pitch is relevant. Pitching a news that the publication or the journalist doesn’t focus on wastes time and may portray that you don’t know what you are doing. You can investigate by reading past articles, finding their bio on the publication’s website and if it’s not there check out the contact us page or head to their twitter to know who you are pitching to.

Make Your Subject Line Sparkle In Your Pitch To A Journalist

The subject line is the most significant element of your pitch because if your subject line doesn’t sparkle and draw the journalist’s attention then they won’t read your pitch. Making your chances of pitching a story slim to none. Giving a teaser of the story or a curious angle to the news by providing just enough details to pique interest is the way to go. But don’t use puns. They’re the equivalent of a dad joke to an easily embarrassed teenager and the journalist recieving them will immediately lose interest.

Be Approachable And Helpful

To build a strong network base and relationship with journalists you need to show that you are also ready to help the journalist. It can be by sharing his/her coverage, being in contact outside the formal setting, or providing ample information and sources for the pitch you want the journalist to cover. Making the process easy for them and coming across as a friend not just another client will help you pitch to a journalist.

Find The Newsworthy Element Of Your Story

There is always story a story that doesn’t have a newsworthy element, but the brand just pushes the publication for coverage. Any industry and any brand can have a newsworthy pitch to a journalist, it’s all about storytelling and adding a human touch. Turn your pitch into a compelling story by making it relatable, fun, and memorable. Stumped how to do it? Then our innovative and brilliant brand story business consultancy is just what you need. We will build your story, help you give it a voice, develop your key messaging, advise where to showcase it, and how to implement it into your PR and marketing strategy.

What Not To Do

Indeed, as mentioned above, those things are important to do for your brand to be different from the rest. However, there are few things you never do while contacting a journalist. Never send them your life story, always get straight to the point because journalists work on tight deadlines. Don’t harass them on all platforms, be patient and respectful and follow up after a few days or a week. Always be aware of when not to pitch your story. Hence, do your homework, journalist might be on a vacation or under a deadline and undoubtedly this won’t be the right time to pitch.

Personalised Touch

Sure, copy and pasting emails to every journalist you come across sounds like the correct way to get your story covered but this is a big no in the industry. Instead, use the research you have done to send them a personalised email referencing their relevant work that prompted you to contact them, why the pitch will be fitting and why it an important topic.

If you’re still unsure on how to pitch to a journalist so that they not only like it but publishes it as too, we’re here to help. Check out our irresistable press release consultancy.

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