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Five Easy Ways to up your Instagram Game – Top Tips from a Professional.

Clearly you don’t have to be a professional photographer to have a swoon-worthy Instagram feed but knowing a few tricks of the trade can certainly help. If you’re still stuck in 2010 when it comes to your photography and editing skills, it’s time to step away from the Valencia filter and take a pro approach to upping your Instagram game. Here are five tips you can start right away!

Gone are the days of the over used valencia filter that we all once loved. Now is the time to get creative with Instagram.

Lighting is Key.

No amount of editing or filters are going to save your photos if they are badly lit so always make sure you have the lighting right before you shoot. Natural light really can’t be beaten – early in the morning, late afternoon or days that are overcast present the best natural light. If you tend to shoot a lot indoors then you really need to think about getting a light ring. 

These are really cost effective and you will see a huge difference in the standard of your shots. When shooting indoors or out, think about where the light hits your subject, always have it either behind the camera facing your subject or at around 45 degrees to the left of right of the camera to cast an arty shadow. 

Get on board with the Golden Hour.

Every Instagram influencer’s favourite time of day, Golden Hour is a magical natural light that appears in the first hour of sun rise and the last hour before sunset. This warm dreamy light is well worth making time for as it casts gorgeous sun flares across images and a dreamy warm light that no artificial light or any other hour of the day can achieve.

Golden hour gives off the perfect ‘no filter’ look with a touch of magic. All the celebrities make a point of hunting out this light to add the extra special touch to their perfectly angled photos. Shown off brilliantly by the beautiful Emily Atack in the photo above. Next time you’re ready for a shoot, make a point of timing it for the golden hour, you won’t regret it.

Invest in a proper camera.

Mobile phone manufacturers are forever adding spec and functionality to phone cameras and whilst they are convenient you really can’t beat a proper camera when it comes to taking next level shots. Using a purposefully designed camera, like a DSLR, will give you all the detail and sharpness that you need to edit the image properly. This instantly makes every photograph stand out on Instagram especially if you edit them outside of the generic filters on the app. 

The quality of the photographs produced by a professional camera is unparalleled. They hold abilities beyond a smart phone’s capabilities and if you have the budget, investing in a DSLR is definitely worth thinking about. 

If brand new prices are out of your budget range, there are always some bargains available online with reputable companies such as Wex Photo VideoMPBLondon Camera Exchange. As we all know, Ebay may hold some bargains but they don’t offer trusted warentees like the professionals do.

Composition is key.

A little bit of planning before you start to shoot can make a huge difference to the standard of your pictures. You’ll find lots of online articles and video tutorials about compositional rules. Whilst these are certainly worth watch, my advice would be to start by simply using your eyes. We’re always in such a rush to capture that perfect scene or moment that we don’t stop and look first. Looking through your eyes before the camera lens, will really help with your composition – helping you identify the perfect angle for that shot.

Such as a 45 degrees downward glance (the angle when looking down at a desk or table as shown by Rita Ora in the image above) can make your subject look obtainable and add depth to your imagery.  Using a wall to guide the eye to the subject or shooting up or across to something or someone will make your photographs stand out. Do some research into different composition rules and spend some time experimenting with what works best for you.

Be Bold.

Use colours and quirky angles with your photography. Instagram is saturated with the generic muted greys, blues and whites. Purposefully chosen bold colours with the right styling and angles will make your photographs stand out amongst the crowd. This approach is eye catching and enough to stop people scrolling and really get their attention.

These small tweaks when you plan a shoot can really make a difference the final result.

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