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one to one PR & Business Consultancy
Sometimes regular monthly PR and Marketing payments are simply out of budget for some businesses, brands and performers. This really shouldn’t stop you generating your own PR and marketing success. You just need clear goals, a targeted strategy and an action plan, to work towards successfully achieving your goals.
In the beginning, most people start out with their own in house PR and marketing, then once this starts to work for them, then they go on to employ an expert in the field leaving them to get on with the important parts of their businesses.
During our one to one sessions, we will work together to not only discover what your goals are, but I will teach you the skills you need to achieve them. I will help you create a PR and marketing strategy and teach you the skills you need to work with the action plans that I will create for you.

What My Clients Think

My work has been featured in:

Plus many more global publications.

Power Hours

My power hours are perfect for those who have been through my training and are confident to take the reigns. These sessions are great for building on what we’ve achieved so far. They’re ideal for sound boarding, offering extra ideas, focusing in on one aspect on your plans to make them the most succesful possible or expert advice to take your plans to the next level.

Online Courses

I am passionate about sharing my skills so have created a series of online courses bringing together my expertise and experience to help you take your photography, business and PR & marketing to the next level.

Whether you are an online content creator looking to up your game, a business in need of creating effective in-house marketing, or a photography enthusiast wanting to get the most from your camera and kit, I have a course for you.