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Business PR & Marketing

A well thought out PR & marketing plan, is the key to connecting you to your customers. With the rise in social media and impressive visuals, the back bone of every connection with consumers is a well thought out story with purposeful and timely delivery in the right places and publications.

Well placed articles give you an opportunity to use your voice and engage with your audience in ways that can be implemented accross all forms of media. Professional visuals grab attention, and the stories behind them, leave lasting impressions that can inspire, engage and connect.

A clear message and a touch of personality works colaboratively to give you and your brand an established voice. Presenting that in the right places and publications gives you that key element for relationship bulding with your audience. They say that ‘all PR is good PR’ but I believe you should take control of the narrative and tell your story the right way to the right people. This way you know you will achieve what you set out to do.

Historically, story telling is the oldest form of communication and it’s longevity through the ages offers confidence within the readership. Even the most established brands and businesses rely on great story telling from their public relations departments. They also rely on a well thought out marketing plan to back up their PR. Collectively, when this is delivered in the right places they continue to grow their visibility, building trust and  familiarity with their customers and increase their sales organically.

A well thought out PR & Marketing plan, delivered in the right places and publications, is key to helping you grow your visibility, develop your reputation and increase your sales.

My work has been featured globally. I have promted brands, performers and businesses both big and small. I will work with you to find your story and establish your message, to deliver effective and memorable PR & marketing that will grow your sales organically.

 Here’s a few examples of the PR & Marketing Services that I can provide.

Every single one of my client’s needs are different. Some require the whole package, others require certain services. I’m flexible and will work with you to build the best PR package to suit your needs on a monthly basis.
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PR & Marketing.

In the rapidly changing media landscape, that’s a regularly growing and evolving space, it’s more vital than ever that PR & marketing is integrated to guarantee effective results. Marketing campaigns and PR communications work best when they are combined to create a synchronised objective.

Using the united power of an integrated PR & marketing campaign can offer a wide range of measurable and deliverable results including; boosted SEO by building backlinks from reputable publications and bloggers; winning awards; raise your profiledrive traffic and generate leads with widespread media coverageboost your reputation; grow your online community and increase your social media following; increase your brand awareness and improve your brand’s reputation; plus so much more.

With so much competition out there, it’s important to secure a clear message with an even clearer objective and set of goals; that can be delivered through a series of wide spread communication techniques.

I will work with you to find your story and make sure that your PR and Marketing plan covers the whole of the media landscape, which holds your target audience.

From your social media, to the wider press and everywhere in between.

We will create shareable content, that’s both engaging, inspiring and appealing to your target audience; as well as influencers, news publications, journalists and industry leaders. Whilst highlighting your brand’s ethos and values, I will help you tap into relevant trends, industry issues and hot topics to help you stand out from competitiors. Along side many other techniques we will work to achieve your goals.

My skills, knowledge and techniques are ideally utilised for both the business sectors and the entertainment industry. I am experienced in integrated marketing and PR campaigns that support business and brand elevationcelebrity PR, personal PR and tour promotions. 

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Press Releases.

Professional press release writing is the best way to communicate your brand story, announcements and any crisis communications in a newsworthy way. Journalists receive hundreds of press releases on a daily basis, so it is vital that your story is attention grabbing for all the right reasons.

From the subject line through to the last line of the news story itself, your press release has to grab the attention of the journalist receiving it and convince them to publish your story. This is easier said than done when you’re writing about your own business. Most people really struggle to connect with the publication’s audience and communicate effectively with them. I’m vastly experienced in a variety of communications, for businesses and performers wether that be proactive with a focus on brand building or reactive with crisis communications. 

I can write a different style article for each target publication to ensure you get a wide coverage. This approach makes the

journalist’s busy life a lot easier, my press release strategy means the recipient doesn’t have to endure several more emails or phone calls to find out more information. My press release gives them all the relevant information they need to publish your story. Including the main purpose of the story, plus quotes and images where necessary. The key to highlighting your release as newsworthy is to have a clear succinct article that is easy for the journalist to pitch to their editor. 

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Media Relations & Press Office.

A key part of any effective public relations campaign is a reliable press office with effective media relations.

I specialise in media relations for businesses, celebrities, influencers, comedians and musicians. I help them respond to media enquiries and get them featured in global and national news, magazines, radio, TV and online.

Having worked in the media for several years, and as a published writer myself, I understand what excites journalists. This enables me to help discover and shape your story to become eyecatching headlines that not only get published where you want them to be, they also grab the attention of your audience. When we’re ready, not only will your story be published, it will be read and shared far and wide.

Wether you want to focus on industry publications or trade publications, national news, local or regional news; or you want to target certain channels such as TV or radio, specific podcasts, online coverage or any other relevant media or guest spots.

I can help you by developing and implementing a plan that will make sure you are targeting the right media outlets, in the most effective way to achieve the results you want.

Along side helping you to build your reputation I will help you to manage and maintain it. My media relations skills can also help you raise brand awareness and deliver an organic SEO boost through a series of specifically designed digital media link building campaigns to increase traffic and demand for your website.

To discuss your need for a media relations specialist and the benefits that holds for you, click the button below.

Project Promotions.

Covering a wide range of relevant media outlets is vital to the sucess in promting your project. Gone are the days that a press release and a few review tickets are enough to build up enough attention.

Wether it be a book, an art project, a charity project, a new podcast or indeed any kind of project, Integrated PR and marketing is the key to any sucessful project promotions. I will work with you to discover who your audience is and plan a marketing and PR strategy that will not only reach them, but it will engage with them and inspire them to get involved with your project.

I will work with you to discover your story and hone your USP to make sure you project is newsworthy and shareable. This approach encourages journalists, influencers and industry leaders to pay you the attention you deserve and assist you in spreading the word about your project.

Together we will create shareable content, that’s both engaging, inspiring and appealing to your target audience.

This approaches attracts attention and increases visability online for future influencer opportunities.

My media relations skills offer you the opportunity to attract the attention of the right radio shows, TV programmesinfluencers, news publications, journalists and industry leaders to boost the awareness of both you and your project.

All of the above plus so much more within my PR and marketing strategy for your project promotions, will make sure you achieve maximum attention for your project, whilst boosting your following online and engaging your online community.

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Event Promotions.

Promoting your event is an opportunity to elevate your brand awareness. Wether that be with the sole purpose to sell tickets or I can help you plan an event that is designed to deliberately bring attention to your brand.

Working together, we will discover the event’s purpose, USP, target audience and create a PR and marketing plan that makes sure your target audience knows that your event the place to be.

There are various channels throughout the media landscape that can be targeted to engage the wider public. Traditional media and new media will both play their part in creating awareness of your event. It’s my job to seek out relevant media opportunities to raise the event awareness. There are a wide range of opportunites to be on TV, radio and podcasts plus magazines, influencer blogs national, local and regional news. I will help you target the right media outlet for your audience.

Using an integrated marketing and PR approach, I will create a plan that develops audience engagement and excites your them.

Generating inspiring and engaging content that’s shareable to increase awareness of your brand organically. Following the PESO method we will ensure that the right journalists, influencers and industry leaders are talking about your event and sending out messages that entices both them and their audience to want to be there.

Additionally you may want to think about attractions for your event. Entertainment such as music or comedy, celebrity guests, influential speakers all form part of why people will pay attention to your event. After several years working in the entertainment and events organisation industries, I have an extensive list of contacts. that consists of the best budget friendly talent to TV favourites and household names. I can arrange and book all of the extra special parts of your event, to encourage further post event coverage in the media and raise further awareness with your target audience.

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Business Launch PR.

When launching your new business or any additional product or services within your existing business, it is vital that you reach your ideal consumers via multiple platforms of media outlets.

Traditional media plays a key role, but new media is also vital. Bloggers, influencers and podcasts are just as important as TV, radio, trade publications and national, local and regional newspapers. I will ensure you are featured in the right places by the right influencers, consumers and industry leaders.

Getting into the finer details of the business is the best place to start any effective PR and marketing plan. Finding out the purpose, the USP, the target audience and the reasons for what created the business all form part of the brand story. As an experienced writer I can help you establish your story to make it irresistible to journalists, influencers, industry leaders and your target customers.

Within the integrated marketing and PR plan we will use the PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned) method. This will establish your brand voice using your story, values and ethos within engaging communications and content.

Creating inspiring, shareable content is key along side influencer and disruptive marketing techniques. We want to make sure the right people see your brand in the right places for the right reasons. By targeting relevant media we are enabling ourselves to establish your reputation, elevate your digital presence, grow your social media and encourage your brand to stand out against any competititors. This will enevitably generate more leads and increase sales.

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