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Done With You

Get your business infront of
millions of people for free!

Not everyone can afford a monthly retainer for a freelancer or agency to deal with public relations and develop PR and marketing strategies. Which is why I offer business PR consultancy sessions to help you set out a clear plan to achieve your business goals.

For over a decade, I’ve been helping businesses to grow. Using PR and marketing strategies, to put them infront of millions of new customers for all the right reasons.

Each business and brand’s needs are different. That’s why in your expert led sessions, we work together to create your personalised strategy and empower you with the tools you need to implement it successfully.

Book Your Done With You Sessions

When you book consultancy sessions with me, you will receive honest expert advice. We will work together over an initial series of 4 x one hour sessions. Together we will define your goals and build a personalised PR and marketing strategy to take your business to whole new levels of success.

I will teach you the relevant skills you need to achieve your goals. Plus you will learn how to present yourself in the right way, to the right people. We will build a sustainable action plan, which will help you to achieve what you set out to do. Plus at the end of your first session you will receive a copy of your personalised strategy and a continuing action plan for you to implement.

What you can achieve in your Done With You sessions:

  • Discover how to get your business in front of millions for free.
  • Make your brand newsworthy and memorable.
  • Become the go-to brand in your industry.
  • Be a thought leader and industry expert.
  • Influencer Marketing Strategies.
  • Professional PR and marketing tools.
  • How to use PR to establish and grow your business.
  • Press and wider media you need to be seen in and how.
  • Effective social media and digital marketing.
  • Make exposure work for you. Learn where to find these kinds of opportunities and how to make them work for you.
  • Establish meaningful partnerships
  • Plus so much more!

Plus so much more!

Book Your Done With You Sessions

What You’ll Get In Your Done With You Sessions

  • 4 x hour long, one-to-one sessions with an expert.
  • A personalised strategy designed to help you focus on achieving your goals.
  • Training on the tools you need to implement your strategy successfully.
  • Opportunity to discuss ideas and develop your skills with the support of a highly experienced expert.
  • Worksheets & resources.
  • Insider knowledge, tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals and beyond.

Plus so much more. Working with your expert on a one-to-one basis, you will learn how to take your business to new heights of success.

Book Your Done With You Sessions

Carla and her clients
have been featured in

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About Carla Speight

Carla has worked in PR & Marketing accross the business, entertainment and podcaster sectors for over a decade. Her clients range from small businesses, to household name brands, Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, globally known celebrities and events. Her work has been regularily published in the world’s leading news outlets, magazines, TV, podcasts and radio.

Carla’s been obsessed with capturing a story and the art of story telling ever since she was a young girl. One summer her mother gave Carla and her younger brother a disposable camera to keep them busy. Almost immediately Carla realised she could capture a moment in time with that camera and unfortunately for her mother, it meant she followed her around all summer capturing candid photos and memories.

As an adult, Carla found a way to turn her childhood passion into a hobby, which quickly turned into a career from capturing globally recognised celebrities performing on stage and industry leaders at events, amongst other newsworthy moments. Her hobby developed quickly into a career that often included the PR tools her clients needed to get their stories out there with the photos she took.

Word spread amongst the industries Carla had been working in and demand grew accross the business, entertainment and podcaster industries for her talents in capturing a story and writing about it which saw them published in globally reknowned news organisations. Her clients loved her work and continued to be her biggest supporters, recommending her to peers in their industries.

Helping clients to get their stories into the right places with their ideal customers ready to learn about them and buy from them, is a skill Carla has developed over a career that spans over a decade. Whilst it started as a passionate hobby from her childhood, Carla has since gone on to work with globally renowned performers, entrepreneurs and businesses. She has supported their growth from a local entity to industry leading experts and brands everyone knows about for the right reasons.


How Done With You Was Created

Carla has spent several years working with businesses, providing her Done With You consultancy service. She is passionate about supporting business owners achieving their goals. Carla is inspired by her client’s motivations, stories success and loves being part of their journey to the top.

Like most business owners, Carla was frustrated knowing that not everyone can afford monthly retainers and long contracts with agencies and freelancers. So she created the Done With You consultancy service to make professional PR and marketing affordable and accessible to business owners like you. The Done With You Consultancy service is focussed on supporting you to get your business seen by millions and successfully grow your business to new heights.

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