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Building your brand – Content Pillars

Close your eyes and imagine the content you see from brands and individuals alike on social media and similar platforms, it’s an endless sea of superior quality and engaging content. So, where do they get the ideas and themes from to build a brand like that? Do they even run low on content ideas? If yes, how do they maintain that consistency and content quality

Content Pillars are key to consistent high quality social media presence that offers value to your audience

The answer to your questions is ‘content pillars’. They are the secret to your brand identity and its social media and PR communication success. Content Pillars are the set of topics or themes that a brand can talk about. For instance, a fashion influencer can only talk about new trends in the industry, accessorising, outfits based on seasons and occasions, hacks they use while getting dressed, new launches, and trying out new outfits. Similarly, a personal gym trainer can talk about diet, exercise, debunk myths, what clients say, client’s journey and their results and the PT’s day to day life. For them these subjects are their content pillars. In these pillars, there is a tone of content they can create and innovate to establish a brand identity

Essentially, it’s how a brand can approach social media or any PR communications. They can do it via social media or take it further with opinion pieces, interview ops, TV, radio, podcasts, and even wider ops. These core pillars reflect your brand identity and help you connect with your audience, showcase expertise, and sell your products or services. The content pillars should be consistent with your brand’s value, positioning and aesthetic look and feel.

For PR communications, content pillars are used in creating campaign points to promote a brand’s offering or sometimes even the individual. They help to form an overall communication plan for campaigns that are shared with all marketing teams, social media, digital marketing, and PR.

If you are a busy bee, a one-person team working for a growing brand or business, then content pillars are the best way to simplify and give structure to a brand’s PR and Marketing efforts since it offers endless content no matter which industry you are in and helps the brand to connect with their audience, build and sell to their target customer base.

Brands like Shopify, McDonalds, Uber, and Dove all use content pillars to bring meaningful content to life instead of shooting in the dark and creating purposeless posts that your audience doesn’t relate to. Content pillars also organise your social media and PR communications approach as well as speeds up the process of content ideation. Creating content which aligns with your brand identity and values, makes your brand strong and reliable as your audience will be able to recognise and trust your brand easily.

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