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Building a brand- tackling the “how” questions

Storytelling is the key to building a brand that is strong and resonates with your audience. From companies to individuals everybody has a story that needs to be told if the brands want to be original and unique. Our mini guide of “how” questions will help you answer key elements of your brand that will make you catch the consumers’ eye!

Brand stories are a creative conversation driver which engages your audience.

How are you building a brand different from everyone else?

Today there are a lot of emerging brands and companies because during the pandemic we saw a boom in rising entrepreneurs to sustain their livelihood and support their families. So, what is different about you and your offering, why will your audience spend their time and money on your attempt at building a brand? What is your unique selling proposition and attractive point to be successful. Knowing and communicating these answers will create value in the eyes of the consumers as well as give you an advantage in the industry.

How do you do what you do?

As a successful company owner, who over the years made their vision come to life, what are your strategies, what values do you abide by, what is your ethical stance, what does your day-to-day work life look like, and what is your perspective about the industry you represent. Answering such questions while building a brand story enables your audience to understand the person who’s the backbone of the brand and makes them your loyal customers for life.

How did you choose that career?

Finding a career that suits you, feels like fun more than work, motivates and drives you to get out of bed everyday takes time. A person spends more than half of their life working so it’s important to find your passion. Telling your audience how you discovered your love for your career, what inspired you and made you realise this is what you want to do for the rest of your life is a genuine way to make them part of your life and for them to feel like your friend not just customers. It builds rapport and bridges the gap between consumers and the brand.

How do your customers feel during and after using your service/product?

Conveying your customers experience after being familiar with your service/product is a good practice that drives positive changes and improvements of the customer experience. Customer feedback enables two-way communication channel between your brand and the consumers and allows the brand to grow and develop. It’s vital to listen to what your customers are saying and enhance your offerings accordingly to stay relevant and desirable in the marketplace.

Our visionary brand story business consultancy will help you tackle the how questions and all the others, to create a resonating brand story, develop your key messaging, tell where to showcase it, how to implement it into your PR and marketing strategy that will help your brand become approachable yet inspiring. 

Let us help you!

Feel free to contact us if you want us to join your tribe! Our range of business consultancy services can help you create a brand that both you and your customers will love!