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Building a brand story – Tackling the “where” questions

Will you buy off a brand you do not understand or connect with? I didn’t think so.

Nowadays, it’s important to be as authentic and transparent as possible to build a deep relationship with your audience. Wondering how to do that? We have compiled a mini guide of “where” questions that you need to answer to build a brand story that is brilliant

Brand stories are a creative conversation driver which engages your audience.

Where do you work?

What is the location of your workspace, do you prefer working from home or do you like the office setting, or is a cute little coffee shop the way to go. Knowing your preferences, choices and style will bring your audience closer to you and it becomes a part of your brand.

Where did your inspiration come from?

When did you first develop your interests or knew this was the path for you, is there a narrative behind it or is it part of your history and legacy? Allowing your audience to know these personal details about you, talking about your childhood or family gives them a chance to see you more than just a brand, more than just somebody trying to pitch them something to buy. Building a brand with such a message at its core makes it more relatable.

Where are you in the world?

As a brand your audience wants to know about your day-to-day life, where do you live, why did you choose that place when you can live anywhere, what is your connection and emotional attachment to the place, and what are your favourites places. Making your audience a part of your lifestyle enables them to see the real you and not just you as a brand. This makes the connection real, authentic, and transparent.

Where do you want your brand to go?

You have told them about your journey of how you turned your dream into a reality. Now they want to know what’s next for your brand. What is your next dream or next big idea, where do you see yourself and your brand in the next 5 years. The audience persona wants to know you’re ambitions and aspirations and how you are going to achieve them, allowing them to be “in the know” makes them a part of your inner circle that indeed, they are a part your tribe.

We understand building a brand story that is visionary can be quite overwhelming. Our brilliant brand story business consultancy will help you create a resonating brand story, develop your key messaging, tell where to showcase it, how to implement it into your PR and marketing strategy that will help your brand become approachable yet inspiring. Reach out if you want us to be a part of your journey

Let us help you!

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