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Build your brand story – Tackling the “who” questions

In this age of digital landscape, it’s imperative to build a brand that the public can trust and rely on to be different, memorable, and exciting. Wondering how to do that? We have compiled a mini guide of “who” questions, you need to answer to create a visionary brand story.

Brand stories are a creative conversation driver which engages your audience.

Who are you?

Building a brand requires developing a personality. Burger king is humorous, Coca-Cola is associated with happiness, excitement and tradition and Red Bull is courageous and outgoing. So, what’s your personality? How is it connected to your brand? And how does it become a part of your brand story? Pouring your persona into a brand makes your brand story more humane and relatable.

Who’s in your team?

Your squad are the people who have been there for you from day one, who helped you make your dream into a reality, who helped and guided you throughout your journey and who still support you. Appreciating your tribe and introducing them to your audience deepens the relationship you have built and makes them a part of the immersive experience of building a brand.

Who inspired you to do this?

Throughout your journey, who motivated you and inspired you and who keeps encouraging you to go after your dreams. Who is the person who never gave up on you, what’s their significance in your life and how did they keep inspiring you. Such narratives inspire your audience persona and make them appreciate you and your brand for your talent and hard work.

Who is your ideal customer?

People are different, we all like and want different things based on our choices, preferences, and lifestyles. Your brand offerings are targeted towards certain groups of customers because some people will love your brand and others just won’t see the value in your offering. Knowing which type of consumers would benefit the most from your brand offering, who will be the

best fit for your services based on client profile and who will align themselves the most with your brand and its offering is very important for targeted marketing.

Yes, we know building a brand story can be quite challenging. Our innovative brand story business consultancy will help you create a resonating brand story, develop your key messaging, tell where to showcase it, how to implement it into your PR and marketing strategy that will help your brand become approachable yet inspiring. Reach out if you want us to be a part of your journey

Let us help you!

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