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Build a brand story – Tackling the “why” questions

Do you have an epic brand story, yet not able to add that personal touch to your storytelling. We have compiled a mini guide of “why” questions, the next step in building a brand story

Brand stories are a creative conversation driver which engages your audience.

Why do you do what you do?

Revisiting your journey and remembering your memories can spark feelings of nostalgia and build a meaningful connection with your audience. Telling them why you are so driven about what you do will make you approachable and your audience will see you as one of their own because everyone has a unique story to tell

Why did you choose that career?

Finding your passion and your field is a personal moment and sharing that with your audience persona will motivate them to achieve their dreams and make them a part of your tribe. They will look up to you, see you as an inspiration and help deepen the bond you have built. Your story, your history and your journey will make you impossible to forget and your audience will want to know more about your brand and express themselves via your brand.

Why will your audience trust your brand?

While building a brand story, focus on credible facts and information so that consumers can align with your brand. Your audience needs to know that you can walk the walk and talk the talk, that is, your brand has a voice and an opinion. Your brand is not a passenger but a driver for change.

Why should people buy into your brand?

Build a brand keeping in mind that today, the public wants something unique that they have never experienced before, which is something unforgettable, yet they can relate to it. They want to know how you do things differently and what is it about you and your brand that will stay with them. Stories are an important part of our life because we refer to them and they are always with us.

Why you are the best in your field?

Everybody loves a success story and telling them how and why you are the best out there for them to experience as a part of your tribe, your trusted community will allow them not only to hear it but see and feel it as well. They will experience what you did differently to turn your dream into a reality, the hardships and the achievements.

Happy to see you made it! Building a brand story can be alot to take on. Our visionary brand story business consultancy will help you create a resonating brand story, develop your key messaging, tell where to showcase it, how to implement it into your PR and marketing strategy that will bring your brand story alive!

Let us help you!

Feel free to contact us if you want us to join your tribe! Our range of business consultancy services can help you create a brand that both you and your customers will love!