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Build a brand story – Tackling the “what” questions

Struggling with how to build a brand story or where to start? We have compiled a series of “what” questions you need to dig and find answers to for building a visionary brand story

Brand stories are a creative conversation driver which engages your audience.

What is it you do?

What are the values that made you start and build a brand, what do you offer and why. Passion and enthusiasm are your friends. Knowing your story will help your brand evoke emotions and connect with your audience on a closer level. It will build public goodwill and your audience will feel like they know you.

What motivated you to do that?

All companies have a history and a purpose for doing what they do. Where did you get the inspiration to start and what was your journey like. Working long days and late nights to make your dreams a reality. What kept you going and never give up. Allowing your audience to be inspired by your story, your downfalls, and your achievements.

What makes you different?

We live in a world where public wants to spend their time and money on experiences rather than just the stuff you are selling. So, as a brand they want to know what are you offering that sets you apart in your industry. What is your niche in the market. What is your brand personality and the values that your brand abides by to create consistent experiences for your audience persona.

What do your customers get with you?

Building a brand is to cater to your audience. It’s about customer experience and satisfaction, so how does your brand go above and beyond to deliver that experience. How is it you get the job done better than your competitors. What makes your brand unique and different amidst a sea of brands.

What are the lessons learned?

There are so many lessons, both good and bad that you learn while building a brand. Giving them a voice will allow your customers to become a part of your journey. Encourage your audience to learn from your lessons and follow their dreams and do it well.

We understand getting started can be quite overwhelming. Our brilliant brand story business consultancy will help you create a resonating brand story, develop your key messaging, tell where to showcase it, how to implement it into your PR and marketing strategy that will help you build a brand that is approachable yet inspiring. Reach out if you want us to be a part of your journey!

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