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Your Year In PR

If you’re ready to raise awareness, become an industry-leading expert, grow your following and increase your sales, then ‘Your Year In PR’ is for you.

Using over 10 years of experience working with the media to help businesses like you establish a great reputation and drive business growth. We will work collaboratively to create your very own PR strategy completely tailored to your business, your vision and your goals.

You will also receive guidance from your PR consultant who will be on hand to help you coordinate and plan each quarter of your PR strategy with the focus on taking your business to the next level by getting you featured in the most relevant and influential publications in your industry.

Your Year In PR is for you if:

  • You’re an established freelancer, SME or Entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level.
  • You’re ready to learn new techniques to ensure your brand becomes the go-to product or service in your industry.
  • You want to be in the press and media because you’re confident in what you do, your social media and website are on point and you are ready to take the next steps to let the world know about your brand.
  • You want to build your brand’s reputation, increase your following, increase your leads and increase your conversions.
  • You feel lost with newsworthy angles or reasons why the media should be talking about your brand.
  • You’ve not quite nailed your pitch or haven’t had continued success with the press and media.

What You’ll Get:

  • Quarterly one to one’s with an expert.
  • PR Strategy Mapped Out.
  • Key Media Contacts List.
  • Target Market Planning.
  • Influencer Outreach Strategy.
  • Traditional & Wider Media Planning.
  • Lead Magnets Planning.
  • Campaign Planning.
  • Press Release Strategy.
  • Opinion Piece Planning.
  • Pitch Prep.
  • News Jacking & Commentary Planning.
  • Revamp / Establish Core Communications, e.g. Brand Story, Tone of Voice and brand values.

Places are Limited for Your Year In PR

By limiting availability and making Your Year In PR application only, we ensure we have the time to work closely with you on your PR Strategy. We want to make sure we are the right fit for your business to offer you the best possible return on your investment. Our tried and tested method means we can research all the best possible opportunities for your business each quarter and create pitch ideas and outreach tips for you to use too.

The breakdown of what you’ll get:

Part One – Discovery

In part one we meet for the first time for that quarter. We will run through ideas, key products, services, talking points and anything you want to get into the media which will feed into your PR Strategy. We also go through where you want to be featured, what for and why. Plus everything else that’s important to this quarter’s strategy.

Part Two – PR Strategy

In part two we will run through your bespoke PR strategy so your PR consultant can answer any questions you may have on how you can begin implementing the strategy in the most effective way.  Your PR strategy will be planned to perfection, leaving you to simply put it into action and reap the benefits.

How does your PR Strategy work?

Every quarter, you will receive a digital bespoke PR strategy, packed with all the key opportunities for your business that we have worked on with you.

At the heart of the PR strategy will be brand awareness, key opportunities to elevate your reputation, flex your expertise, increase online presence and your sales. Your PR strategy is tailored to help you grow your business and make sure the growth is sustainable.

It will contain a huge wealth of tools that we’ve put together to best suit your growth strategy for that quarter. Your strategy will include a variety of ideas that are relevant to your business, set out in a timely way to ensure you get continuous press and media coverage.

Your bespoke PR strategy will include things like:

  • Press release ideas with pitching tips.
  • Opinion piece inspiration with pitching tips.
  • Campaign breakdowns with vital milestones.
  • Core communications including brand story, values and tone of voice.
  • Influencer outreach plans and pitches.
  • Newsjacking & commentary planning.
  • Key media & contacts lists.
  • Traditional and wider media ideas and plans.

Your personalised strategy is yours to use, this is not a one size fits all approach. It will be packed full of ideas, when to use them, hot to use them and where to use them, to make sure you achieve the results your business needs.

They’re not just buzzwords here’s

what they actually mean

Target Market Planning
Working together, we develop an idea of who your ideal customer is. Once we figure out who you want to sell to, we delve a little deeper and start persona mapping. We will work out who your ideal customer is, what they enjoy doing, where we will find them, how they speak, how they want to be spoken to, what wider interests they potentially have and how to place your brand in their lives in ways that will be the most effective. By going through this process, you will have a clear idea of who you want to sell your products or services to. This approach cuts out the nonsense and energy wasting efforts of being seen everywhere. Instead, it helps to develop the core strategy and strengthen your approach to growing your business, whilst also saving you time and money.
Key Media Contacts List
A list of contacts within the areas of the media you want to be seen in. This helps you to reach your ideal customer fast and have the most influential impact too. Targeting the right media is vital to make sure you develop a great reputation as an industry expert, this then builds your brand reputation, establishing you as the ‘go to’ source for your services or products. When coupled with a well thought out media outreach strategy (which we work on with your PR Strategy) it helps to create a long-standing relationship with your key media contacts, which encourages them to keep coming back to you rather than your competitors.
Core Communications Strategy

This covers all your communications, looping back to your target market planning. We will incorporate who your target market is, how they want to be spoke to, where you’re talking to them and put it together with your brand story. A brand story includes the why, how, who what and where of your business, plus your core values and what drives your inspiration along with why your customers need your products or services. It’s vitally important to establishing your brand because no one buys something they know nothing about from a stranger.

Press Release Strategy

This addresses the newsworthy parts of your business. The press and wider media landscape need to know why anyone wants to engage with your story. First, we look at what’s newsworthy, then develop that into a series of purposeful news lead press release ideas. Your PR strategy will provide you with a series of inspirational headlines for you to develop into irresistible press releases that the media will want to publish for you. Each release will have ideas of tone and focus for each of your key media contacts because no two publications are alike, and it will include tips on how to tweak the release to increase your chances of successfully selling in your release to multiple publications without paying for it to be featured.

NewsJacking and Opinion Pieces

Newsjacking is one of the most effective ways to stay on trend and showcase your expertise. Though this is reliant on being across trending topics, there are always opportunities to plan for. For example, national holidays, sporting events, music events, fashion events etc. Newsjacking gives you the opportunity to be seen as an industry expert, providing opportunities such as commentary, thought leadership, or even full-blown features and interviews.

Combining this tactic with well thought out opinion piece inspiration will double your chances of being seen in the right places by your target market and for all the right reasons. Your plan will include a variety of thought leadership styled opinion piece headlines offering you the inspiration needed to write them.

Successfully implemented newsjacking and opinion piece strategies increase your brand’s visibility, notability, authority, and gain audience trust, which leads to a bigger online presence, more leads, enquiries and ultimately increases your sales.

Pitch Prep

This is the hardest part for any media outreach is the pitch. But don’t worry, your PR Strategy will have pitch ideas for all the opportunities outlined in the plan. Drawing on years of experience, knowledge and existing media relationships, your plan will include the right tone of voice and approaches to take with your pitch for your key media contacts. This takes the stress and overthinking away and releases you from writer’s block. There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you’ve written a fantastic press release or opinion piece to be stopped by the pitch, that’s why your plan will include purposeful pitch prep techniques and ideas.

Media Outreach Strategy

Sometimes timing can be everything when implementing a PR strategy. For example, did you know that Christmas is usually organised in July and October? Valentines is planned in November, December, and January. In fact, every national even has particular deadlines for submission, much like the lead times for your media outreach will too.

Your PR strategy will contain its own bespoke Media Outreach strategy. Combining what to send, where to send it and when to send it, plus when to follow up on anything you’ve pitched in. Your bespoke media outreach strategy, within your overall PR strategy will help increase your success rates in an easy to follow, structured approach.

Campaign Planning

Wanting to focus on one product or service and create the maximum impact with your PR strategy? That’s when campaign planning is vital. It’s a complete approach to ensure your energy and time is focussed on all utilising all the right opportunities available in the traditional and wider media landscapes, plus PR stunts, influencer marketing, your website, newsletters, and social media promotions to gain the biggest number of eyes on what your brand is offering.

Influencer Outreach Strategy

Influencer marketing can be a minefield. When we put together this element of your plan, when you need it, we will cover the following questions: who will work well with your brand values, does their audience include your target market, what deals work best for the influencer and your business, what ROI should you expect, are there any particular kinds of content you want them to create? Plus, everything else you need to consider before approaching an influencer.

Then we will work on how best to approach them, how to present your offer, how to get the best out of the collab. Along with how to build a longstanding relationship with them and their audience and any legalities you need to consider.

Lead Magnets and Newsletter Planning
A highly engaged newsletter can be a hugely powerful tool to convert sales. Your PR plan can include ideas on how to grow your mailing list with irresistible lead magnets. We’ll cover how to build your mailing list, how to retain the audience and keep them opening your newsletters, by suggesting ideas that are packed with the value that your target market will keep coming back for.

Here’s a limited bonus!

For anyone who successfully signs up to a full year of Your Year In PR, they will receive full access to the PR Master Series courses on our exclusive PR Mastery For Business App worth over £1200! Our successful Your Year In PR clients will receive that completely free of charge and they will get lifetime access!