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The Tiny Italian

Paola Maggiulli, ‘The Tiny Italian’, is a food expert, cook, writer, and presenter. She has a mission: to create sexy, healthy, delicious Mediterranean food, whilst showing the stress-free, fun, and social side of cooking, and teaching others to fall in love with what they make.

Paola is all about inspiring her class members to become the queen or king of your own kitchen.

After growing up in her Italian father’s London-based deli, Paola founded The Tiny Italian ten years ago as a food blog. Since then, she has partnered with world-leading brands, appeared on national television, and become known for her interactive cooking party experiences.

Paola says, “The most important decision we make every day is what we eat. It took me a long time to realise that my relationship with food could bring me so much happiness, connect me to my Italian / Colombian roots, and lift me out of a period of depression. It can do the same for anyone.”

Her brand is based on stripping away the pretentiousness and exclusivity that can surround the world of food. Through her cooking classes, courses and Saucy Society — a subscription-based cooking community — she offers cooking classes, store cupboard surgeries, and tips and tricks gained from a lifetime in the kitchen.

Her live cooking parties are like nothing else out there: a riotous celebration of food, music, drinks, and dancing, all while teaching her audience to cook the Italian classics and, in her own words, to “believe in your own sauce.” They quickly became a lockdown sensation.

Paola is available for presenting, private parties, live cooking sessions, commentary, recipe development, consultancy, team building, brand ambassadorships,  events, and brand partnerships. Submit enquiries using the form below.

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