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How to Write an Irresistible Press Release

Opinion Piece Perfection

Knowing how to write an opinion piece to perfection is vital for showcasing your expertise with the world. Then this four week one to one course is for you.

In this course I will teach you:

  • Is your story is newsworthy and who will want it?
  • How to write an opinion piece that editors will want to publish.
  • How to pitch your opinion piece and how to present it to your chosen publication.
  • What the different media types are - traditional media vs new media.
  • Which publications you should be targeting and why.

Plus all the details you need to know to create a perfect opinion piece that will succeed with publications.

You will get four, hour long online training sessions, with opportunity to ask questions and a completed pitch with a target publications list.

What you will need:

  • Pen & Paper.
  • Access to Zoom.

Book your place here:

Each date in the calendar below, is my availability for the first of our four one hour sessions. 



Where will our sessions be held?

Our sessions will be held on Zoom. Due to the pandemic, these will be held online for the foreseeable future.

What do I need during our sessions?

You will need a notepad and pen. It’s always useful to jot ideas down as we go through our sessions, but it’s not essential as I will send you a ‘to do’ list full of useful tips and guidance.

How to prepare for our sessions.

You’ll be sent a short questionaire ahead of our first session, it is vital that you fill this in a return it to me in advance. This enables me to create tailored training for you. It will also give me an idea of what you want to achieve, what your skills are and it will help me work towards creating some achievable goals for you to work towards.

What happens after our sessions?

You will be sent a ‘to do’ list to break down the steps in implementing the bespoke strategy, after each of our sessions are over. 

What results should you expect from our sessions?

This is completely up to you. If you are fully prepared to set realistic targets, achievable goals, plus you commit to doing the work and implement all of the the action plans and strategies, then you will achieve your goals. But this is ultimately up to you to do the work and make it happen after our sessions. 

How frequently do I have to be available for these sessions?

We will meet for one hour each week and I’m available to answer any questions via email, during office hours, in between our sessions.