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PR Master Series Part One

Discover the tools the professionals use to get businesses into the news. Built from over a decade of experience in the industry and being featured in the most reputable global news organisations.

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How to find your dream journalist.

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Get the PR Master Series Part One.

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When you preorder the PR Master Series Part one
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What Users Think.

It’s a great app, full of super helpful and valuable information. This is the first time I’ve accessed a free course that actually gave me real and usable information! Can’t wait to see what the PR Master Series is like!
Janet Taylor

Excellent information for a good price 10/10.
Bebe J

Watching the course back the other day spurred me into action, so I sent out an email, following the steps and the producer of a BBC radio station got back to me within 10 minutes!
Shamina Patek

Get the PR Master Series Part One.

What can PR do for your business?

  • Get you featured in the press & wider media.

Get your business in the news, on TV, Radio & hit podcasts using the courses, webinars & prompts on the app.


  • Position you as the industry expert.

Showcase your expertise. Gain notoriety for your thought leadership and support from your industry peers.


  • Increase Your Followers & convert them into customers.

Collaborate with the right influencers, celebrities, news outlets and wider media to increase your followers. Target your ideal customers and build a tribe of loyal fans who will easily convert into customers.

  • Raise awareness of your brand.

Put your brand in front of millions and become a memorable ‘go to’ brand in your industry.


  • Make your brand memorable.

Create a cracking campaign to make your business stand out from the crowd and become the brand everyone remembers.


  • Grow your business.

When you use PR tools you will improve communications, increase organic recommendations, grow your social media following and increase your sales. The power of PR will deliver results beyond your wildest dreams.

Get the PR Master Series Part One.

About Carla Speight.

Carla has worked in PR and marketing across the business, entertainment and podcaster sectors for over a decade. Her clients range from small businesses to household name brands, Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, globally known celebrities and events. Her work has been regularly published in the world’s leading news outlets, magazines, TV, podcasts and radio. She also features in the global media and publications as an industry expert regularly, offering her advice, insights and expertise on a variety of high profile news items.

Since she was little, Carla has been obsessed with capturing a story and the art of storytelling. As an adult, Carla found a way to turn her childhood passion into a hobby, which quickly turned into a career. Her unique skill for capturing a story and newsworthy moment led her to work with globally recognised celebrities and industry leaders.

Word spread amongst the industries Carla had been working in and demand grew across the business, entertainment and podcaster industries for her talents in capturing a story and writing about it which saw them published in globally renowned news organisations. Her clients loved her work and continued to be her biggest supporters, recommending her to peers in their industries.

Helping clients to get their stories into the right places with their ideal customers ready to learn about them and buy from them, is a skill Carla has developed over a career that spans over a decade. Carla has since gone on to work with globally renowned performers, entrepreneurs and businesses. She has supported their growth from a local entity to industry leading experts and brands everyone knows about for the right reasons.

Carla created PR Mastery For Business to help bridge the gap between business owners ready to grow their businesses and big budget agency fees. She has created an app that’s packed with her expertise and experience and has made her vast knowledge easy to follow in learn at your own pace courses, community groups of like-minded business owners and her own webinar series with industry leaders. She hopes that by sharing her knowledge, passionate business owners will thrive using her methods, knowledge and expertise gained from her long career in PR and Marketing.

Get the PR Master Series Part One.