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From a young age I’ve always had a camera with me. As a child my mum worked for a photo developing company and regularly gave my brother and I a disposable camera to keep us busy during the school holidays. Whilst my brother took photographs of the usual things a young boy would find interesting. (Mainly gross things like worms/bugs, in side his ears, up his nose etc). I found that I could use photography to capture a moment and a memory. It fascinated me and I got the bug for photography.  

I’ve always had a passion for photography. Ever since I was young I’ve loved capturing moments and memories.

I regularly work with some of the industry’s finest, including chart toppers and household names.

Over the years my interest and fascination with photography grew and I learnt how to capture professional images that showcased the story in the moment. My photography equipment has moved onto the high standards you’d expect of a professional photographer.

Even now I still find photography fascinating. I regularly look for new photography techniques and editing software and increase my knowledge. Some would say I’m a real life photography nerd, which I would agree with, because I am truly in love with my job.

My professional photography skills and experience have grown, and flourished in the years I have worked in the commercial photography sector. I still have a passion for capturing a story, a moment and a memory, which is highlighted in all my work.

Travelling isn’t a problem for me, I’ve worked on all kinds of locations. From the muddy fields of a festival, to the comforts of studio photography, to the pits in front of a stage and everything in between. Whilst I am based in Manchester, my client’s have commissioned me to work with them, at locations all over the UK.

I’ve worked on a wide range of location, from small theatres to arenas on tours, festival fields, in the studio and various other locations on set. 

I have been photographing headshots, publicity images, personal branding images, businesses, food, products, live comedy, live music, celebrity events, corporate events and festivals for the majority of my career.  

I have worked with some of the industry’s finest, small and large businesses, iconic venues, world class expo’s and conferences, major news publications and quite a lot of them “off that show on TV” celebrity. My work has been featured in publications worldwide.

Every one of my clients have different needs. I work closely with each client to create a photography brief. This helps us set out and achieve the goals for each photoshoot.

My professional photography career has built up with recommendations from my previous and current clients, to new ones. You will find some of my client’s reviews below and their images in my photography portfolios above.

Oh and just incase you were wondering, my brother still takes those kinds of photographs.

To find out more information about my professional photography services, visit my sister company Aberrant Perspectives.