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Megan Wolfe

Wellness coach and actress. Megan was a contestant on ‘Married at first sight UK 21’. Since her appearance on the show, Megan has created a following of 98k followers who adore her tips on mental wellbeing, as well as her sense of style.

Megan has recently trained in non surgical aesthetics and skincare. She is heavily featured in the press. Megan has become a favourite from the show and her fans have really loved getting to know the real Megan.

Megan’s fashion, makeup and style was one of the most favoured parts of her time on the show Married At First Sight UK (2021). Her outfits, hair and makeup were what attributed to her growth in following on instagram.

Whilst on the show, Megan was badly trolled by some of the audience and her resilience was noted by fans and the press. She practiced what she preached in wellness and self care routines and has been commended for her ability to survive such a terrible ordeal.

Since her time on the show, Megan has succefully managed to show the world who she really is. A kind hearted, upbeat and fun woman, who inspires other women to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. Her fan’s love her for how she is determined to keep it real.

Her 93.6k followers on instagram love watching her skin care routines and have connected with her honesty around her acne journey. Along with engaging in her makeup routines, her fans love watching her getting ready and are obsessed with which products she prefers.

Megan has keen interest in fitness and wellbeing and she shares her tips and tricks to support a positivity filled lifestyle. Often sharing her skills in building up resilience and how to focus on the positives with the practice of gratitude.

Fashion is also a big part of her follower’s favourite content that she produces. They are fascinated with what brand she is wearing. Unboxing, brand hauls and honest recommendations are a key highlight in Megan’s body positive fashion content.

Since her time on the show, Megan has regularly been feature in the national press and magazines and is a celebrity event and red carpet favourite. There is a huge interest in who she really is, what she enjoys, where she visits, what she wears and she has thoroughly enjoyed letting people get to know the real Megan.

Megan is available for offers of TV appearances, acting, presenting, brand collaborations, public speaking, brand ambassadorship, in person appearances, press and media opportunities. You can enquire using the form below.

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