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Marilyse Corrigan

Marilyse Corrigan is one of the most talked about members of the show Married At First Sight (2021). She is regularly featured in the national press for all the right reasons.

A fully qualified personal trainer and mother of two children from Beverley, starred as a contestant on ‘Married at first sight UK’ in 2021. Trained to level 3 PT and trained in both pre and post natal exercise, Marilyse was catapulted onto screens and across the press during the show.

Marilyse is a keen advocate of feeling good in your own skin. Her mission in her training is body confidence, which for her doesn’t necessarily mean weight loss.

She enjoys her training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating healthily and taking her dogs for long walks.  Along side travelling to new places to explore.

Whilst on the show, Married At First Sight 2021, she made a reputation for herself as the calm and classy female. Fans of the show loved how even in the most dramatic scenes, Marilyse was the strong, dependable quiet one. She showed fans her classy and calm nature and they loved her for it.

She has developed a loyal and highly engaged following on her instagram. Her fans love learning about her lifestyle, outfits, makeup routines, skincare routines, diet, where she likes to visit and travel to. Along with her family life and fitness insterests.

Her messaging is always positive, fun and empowering.  She is a firm believer in work life ballance and her boys are always at the centre of her life. Which is why she decided to donate her kidney to the sharing scheme, in order to save their dad’s life. A journey she has shared to raise awareness and inspire her following.

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