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The most powerful PR tool to get you into the media.

#JournoRequest is one of the most powerful PR tools to get you into the media. You can use it as a stand alone brand builder, but it will also level you up within another area called ‘NewsJacking’. This gets you involved in the conversations that everyone is reading. It also is a brilliant tool to start those ‘all eyes on’ conversations too.

I love this tool for those starting out in the PR world. It’s a simple yet powerful hashtag that everyone can use. Whether you’re a small business owner, comedian, podcaster or just someone who has something of value to add to the conversations you’re reading about, watching on TV or listening to on your favourite podcast or radio show.

So I’ve created a guide that gets sent straight to your emails. But don’t worry, it wont be a massive information overload style email. I’m breaking it down into bitesized chunks to make it easier for you to digest all the information. You’ll receive a short series of emails, sent directly to your inbox, over a few days. If this powerful free tool is what you need in your life, click below to get the emails.