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Isaac Nartey

Isaac Nartey

Isaac G Nartey Bafta Award winning co-creator and Associate producer of ‘Life & Rhymes’ Produced with Sky is UK’s first-ever spoken word TV program, making a mark and inspiring viewers across the UK. At 18 he co-founded Stepping Stonez an entertainment company that has gone on to create feature films for Amazon prime video and documentaries for both Sky News and Sky documentary channels.

Isaac G Nartey is a TV content creator, Theatre Producer, Poet and Speaker who has impacted the lives of over 70,000 young people in the UK ranging from the ages of 8 to 18 years old. He now brings inspiration to high schools across the UK, motivating others through theatre productions, poetic performances, or entertainment content.

Born in Islington and raised in Hackney East London, (the third of four children), his siblings were all born severely disabled, where Isaac moved from Ghana to London for his early years.

Isaac got the performance bug and spent many years as a spoken word performer and because of his entrepreneurial activities, which led him to speaking engagements, and going from performing across universities to performing at corporate events including a notable performance at Google HQ, this led to becoming a workshop facilitator within schools which got Sky knocking on his door as they had just started a community outreach program for schools to give young people the taste of TV production and being inspired by the skills they learn along the way.

As a creative and spoken word enthusiast, he was perplexed as to why Sky or any other channel for that matter had not created a spoken word program for TV. So, taking his idea from person to person he began to build the case for “Life & Rhymes”.

His mother and Father split after the death of his eldest brother and was then subsequently raised by his mother in East London, he grew in confidence by being thrown on the stage in church settings and with the distractions that come with being a teenager being brought up in a high crime area, it took a mentor to inspire him to seek to stand out and plant the seed after the death of his sister Millie, He began to write and perform poetry that inspired his peers and brought him small recognition.

At the age of 18, he became the co-founder of the entertainment company “Stepping Stonez”, alongside his friends Serge Rashidi Zakuani and Anthony Mensah. Stepping stonez began organizing events across the community and became a vehicle for Isaac’s Poetry performances. Isaac’s desire grew to a bigger platform than entertainment events, so at the age of 19 he made the leap to theatre productions, starting with a sell-out show in the Bloomsbury Theatre. This then led on to several theatrical productions spanning across London from the Camden Fringe at the RADA to becoming a resident theatrical company at the Albany Theatre in Deptford.

Whilst sitting down with Bob Clarke, the CEO of Mama Youth Project an organization that has changed the lives of so many young people, they came together to work on their greatest project. Then using his contacts from his former university to connect with Legendary poet Benjamin Zephaniah – they began to build a reputation at Sky Arts.

Isaac is available for workshops, public speaking, commissions, adverts, PR campaigns and projects, live performance, bespoke work, press and media interviews.

Previous Work:


  • A date with destiny – Bloomsbury Theatre
  • Stepping Stonez Executive producer
  • Seven detestable sins RADA theatre
  • Stepping Stonez Executive producer and Actor
  • A lighter shade of Blue Albany Theatre
  • Stepping Stonez Executive producer & Actor The waiting Room
  • The lost theatre Stepping Stonez Executive producer


  • Life & Rhymes CPL/LICKLEMOR Productions for Sky Arts
  • Co creator & Associate producer Play in A Day
  • House of Theresa for Sky Arts Assistant Producer
  • “Summer Footie”/Brentford Versus Arsenal – Sky Sports- Poet


  • “I have a Dream” Anniversary event – Flavour Mag/ Google HQ
  • Performance poet Primary Stars – Premier league – Consultant
  • IAM Zero Sky Academy – Project Development
  • Festive special Sky Corporate Affairs Commissioned Poet & Curator
  • Spoken N Bold Sky Academy Workshop facilitator
  • Keep Connected World Poetry Day special – Sky Academy/Apples and snakes Project Creator
  • ‘Our Premier League’ – Sky Sports Spoken word commission
  • ‘Summer Footie’ – Sky Sports Spoken word commission

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