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Events & Festivals

When it comes to delivering outstanding events that leave lasting impressions, an experienced events professional is the vital key to any successful event.
I have extensive experience in planning, organising and promoting a wide range of events. I’ve planned, booked and managed top level comedy nights, corporate events, festivals, brand activations, business product launches, brand awareness events, celebrity eventsaward ceremonies and many more.
I work with
a range of audience sizes, and have plannedmanaged and curated a wide range of successful events. My skills have created sell out festivals, magical intimate performances, memorable corporate eventscharity shows and galas and community events that all create a buzz in the media and create lasting memories.
My experience, skills and knowlege is wide ranging, and my contact lists for booking the key elements for events is not only extensive, it is full of the best in the business. From TV favourites, to celebrity household names, mouthwatering foodaward winners, the best upcoming talent and the most amazing performers and engaging speakers. I curate outstanding events within a range of budgets and I work closely with my clients to support their ideas and create the event of their dreams.

A well organised event with top class entertainment, amazing food and engaging attractions, all work towards a clear purpose.
Professional event planning and management creates an event filled with opportunity and outstanding memories that last a lifetime.

Scroll down to see the range of event services that I offer.

My Events & Festival Services.


A well organised festival is as important as the line up, regardless of the audience size or what kind of festival it is. The best kinds of festivals have plans for all eventualities and attractions that  make sure you’re recommended by every single one of your audience members.

When it comes to planning and organising festivals, I have the experience, skills and contacts to supply it all. From TV favourites, to the best up and coming talent I can find the right performer for your festival. I’m also a big fan of high quality festival food, which means I will ensure only the best traders are at your event. Plus I can book all the other wonderful attractions  that make a festival memorable. Everything an amazing festival needs are on my list of contacts, all you need to do is supply the location.

Right from the beginning I will investigate what your budget is, and provide a consise quote that will break down everything your budget will allow.

We’ll work on your budget and establish what your USP is. One we have that I’ll help you find the best event sponsors, the tastiest food and drinks, plus the most memorable atractions for your audience. Plus I’ll create the event in line with a marketing plan that will help you achieve maximum ticket sales.

The whole festival will be organised to the highest standard. I will also be on site during the event to make sure everything runs smoothly, so you can relax enjoy the event.

From food festivals and family festivals, to large festivals or smaller community focussed events; I can supply everything you need to make sure it’s the best festival possible and one that will have your audience returning every year.

Wether you’re a sports club, a land owner, a community park, a town council or you have a huge field that could hold Glastonbury. Contact me here to discuss your ideal festival.


Comedy Shows.

I have been booking comedy shows for a variety of venues for several years. Hotels, holiday parks, pubs, theatres, corporate events and clubs, are just some of the places I have booked for. 

With my wide ranging list of the best comedians, who I regularly work with, I will be able to book the best line up for your show. From TV names to circuit favourites, I can book a professional stand up comedy show to suit your budget and venue.

Wether you want a one off event to raise some money, or you’d prefer a regular comedy night to keep drawing in audiences to your venue, I can work with you to put on a successful comedy show, featuring some of the best in the business. Regular comedy nights, one off comedy galas, annual comedy events, comedians for corporate events or a comedian presenter for an awards ceremony, are just some examples of the events I book comedy for.

Comedy can turn the average event, into a laughter filled, engaging and memorable event. It can add a touch of flair to an occasion and it can draw in audiences from far and wide to turn a venue into the place to be and more importantly, the place to keep retuning to.

Along side booking the show itself, I can also help with what technical equipment you need. I work with suppliers and freelancers that will provide the most suitable technical equipment for your show.

If you need help with promotions, I can help you develop an effective marketing and promotions plan. I have extensive experience in booking and promoting sell out shows to a range of audience sizes. 

If you would like to discuss more about how a comedy show could work for you and what options are out there to make sure that stand up comedy makes your event memorable, contact me here.

Music Shows.

Music comes in all sorts of genres in all sorts of places. Wether it be a venue, a theatre, an arena, in a field or an intimate gig set up.

It can entertain, inspire and create memorable moments. Turning an event that’s ok, into an amazing experience that leaves an audience wanting more.

The key to an amazing event is having the right person booking the best perfomers for the venue and event. I have an extensive list of muscians that range from chart toppers, to nostalgic favourites and the best up and coming talent. The performers I work with are guarenteed to help you achieve your goals for your event.

Wether you own a pub, a holday park, or large concert hall or theatre, I can book the best talent for your venue, regardless of size.

I’ll help you establish your budget, who you’re target audience is and your reason why. Then I will use this to create the best music event for your venue. 

If you need help with promotions, I can assist with that too. I have a wealth of experience in promoting sell out music gigs, for a wide range of audience sizes and venue types.

If you would like to discuss booking a music show, contact me here.


Corporate Events.

Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes. They can be a reason to celebrate, a reward for the team, they can raise awareness, be informative and educational. But most importantly, they have to be the best event to serve their purpose and be memorable for all attendees.

Galas, parties and awards should be glamourous and fun. They’re a reason to celebrate the achievements of everyone there. Every detail should be considered a vital element to amplify the experience. From the dinner to the entertainment, to the speakers and the sponsors.

A well thought out event plan and seamless organisation, will make sure that every attendee will be sharing why it was the best event they’ve been to. Which will ultimately lead to elevating your brand awareness. Hiring an event planner, like me, who has the right contacts, skills and experience, will ensure that your gala, award ceremony and party will be the most memorable and sought after annual event that everyone wants to attend.


Conferences hold the power to be both informative and entertaining. They also create the opportunity to showcase your brand as an industry leader and inovator. The key to hosting a succesful conference is planning everything carefully. A well thought out conference plan provides you with your USP, your purpose, your target audience, your budget; this opens up a wealth of opportunities for you to secure the right sponsors and brand partnerships, as well as the right attractions for your conference. I have the contacts, ideas and skills to make sure that your conference achieves your goals and elevates your brand.

Team days and team rewards, embrace the opportunity to say thank you to your staff in ways that go beyond a faceless bonus or certificate. It re-energises them, encourages them to go further and develops a passion for the work they do. Investing in memories that aren’t the norm, also shows them that they are valued. When it comes to innovative ways of thanking and inspiring  your team, I can help you plan and implement the best team days. The kind that they’ll remember forever.

To dicuss your corporate event requirements and how we can work together to make your event the best you’ve ever had, contact me here

Product & Business Launches.

When launching your new business or any additional product or services within your existing business, it is vital that you reach your ideal consumers via multiple platforms of media outlets. A product or business launch event can help you achieve that, whilst also elevating your brand awareness and showcasing you as an industry leader.

Bloggers, influencers and celebrities all play their part to attract the right audience. Alongside the more traditional media outlets via journalists. Your guest list will ensure you are featured in the right places for your target audience to see.

Getting into the finer details of the business is the best place to start any effective event that has a focussed objective within the PR and marketing plan. Finding out the purpose, the USP, the target audience and the reasons for what created the business all form part of the brand story. 

Implementing all this information into the planning of your event is key to it’s sucess. A business launch and product launch share the same opportunities. They’re created to celebrate your achievements, and show off how amazing your business or product is. 

I can create a launch event that will put your business on the map. When it comes to the venue, the entertainment, the decoration and all the other finer details that add a touch of glamour to your event, I will make sure your get the best out of your budget. I will work with you to establish this as the most memorable launch event ever. Also I will be at the event to coordinate everything, so you can relax and enjoy the event. 

To discuss your launch event rquirements contact me here

Charity Events & Fundraisers.

Charity events come in various forms. It could be a gala dinner, a comedy event, a festival, a music night, a fun run and more.

The key to any sucessful event is to make sure there is an even balance of fundraising and value in the experience. Along side a press worthy story which includes your charity’s purpose and reason for the event itself.

Working with you I will discover your USP, your budget, your fundrasing goals and your target return on investment. This is vital to planning and organising an event that alligns with your brand and targets the right participants. Whilst ensuring it’s attractive to the media, both in the traditional sense and the wider media lanscape.

The entertainment factor of a charity event can be a real hook when thinking about audience appeal, engagement and participation.

It’s also a great way to secure the right sponsorships, brand partnerships and the right media interest. This can come in many forms, from the performers to the speakers, the celebrities and influencer attendees, the attractions to the interactive activities available. I can help you secure the best entertainment and engaging extras for your event.

You will also want to think about the finer details of the event. The decoration, food and drinks, goodie bags, rewards for participants etc. I can help you with that too. Along side everything else, I will work with you to make your charity event and fundraiser the best you’ve ever had. I will be there to make sure it all runs smoothly, so you can enjoy the event too.

To discuss your charity event and fundraiser requirements, contact me here.

Community Events.

Hosting an event can be a great way to bring a community together. They strengthen the local support networks, boost the local economy and help to put your town on the map.

I have extensive experience in organising a wide rage of events. From festivals to cinema nights, to family fundays and more.

Each one of my events have been thoroughly researched. This enables me to find out the reason why, the budget, the target audience and the USP. From there I will build a picture of the whole event and make sure all objectives are met, whilst making sure there’s an appeal for the press and the audience you are hoping to attract.

My events planning and coordinating experience is vast and my contact lists are full of a variety of options to ensure your community event will be the best your town has ever experienced. I can help you organise and coordinate the entertainment, traders, attractions, activities and safety requirements and everything in between. I can also help you with your marketing plans to make sure your community event is a sucess.

We will work together on all aspects of your community event to ensure it’s attractive, engaging, inspiring and memorable. I will help you create an event that will quickly become an annual staple of your community’s callendar and appeal to neighbouring towns too.

To discuss your community event requirements, contact me here.

I also offer bespoke event organising services. To discover more about how my event planning & organising services can work for you, contact me by clicking the button below.


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