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Edinburgh Fringe PR Group

PR Mastery For The Arts

Imagine your Edinburgh Fringe show being featured in the national news, magazines, on the TV and radio throughout the Fringe Season. The growth your ticket sales will see will be phenomenal and the impact it will have on your career will be huge. You’d become the industry one to watch. The go to show that’s reviewed by the best and is memorable for all the right reasons. Your followers would increase and more importantly, so would your ticket sales and your career will level up too.

Want to know the secret to
making your show a hit during the fringe?

You need the Edinburgh Fringe PR Group!

Sign up to the group in the PR Mastery For The Arts App, download it here.

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You don’t have to pay thousands of pounds to an agency. The professionals don’t pay to get coverage in the press and wider media – neither should you.

We make performers newsworthy using our skills and tools. You can access all the expert level tools and skills you need to get your Fringe show in the news, magazines, on TV and radio in our exclusive Fringe Group on the PR Mastery For The Arts app. 

Want to know the best bit? PR Mastery For The Arts App is completely FREE To Download!

There’s no sneaky subscriptions either.

You’ll pay a one off fee to join the Edinburgh Fringe PR group. It will take you through everything you need to know and do to make your show a hit this year. We’ll be with you from March to the end of the Fringe in August. That’s a whole six months of us working together! Plus, to make sure this is affordable as possible, there are payment plans available on request too.

In the Edinburgh Fringe PR Group, you will discover how to:


  • Get yourself on TV, in the news, magazines, hit podcasts & on the radio to plug your show.
  • Become the one to watch at the Fringe and beyond. 
  • Establish yourself as the act that the industry needs to book.
  • Put your show in all the best Fringe publications and get entered into the awards.
Once you’ve started with the Fringe Group you will be able to use the PR skills and tools, that the professionals use, to successfully grow your career. And you’ll have lifetime access to everything so you can use the professional PR skills and tools all year round to take your career to new heights.

Sign up to the group in the PR Mastery For The Arts App, download it here.

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What can PR do for your Fringe Show?

  • Get you featured the press & wider media.

Get your show in the news, on TV, Radio & hit podcasts using the expert led courses, webinars & prompts on the app.


  • Position you as the one to watch in industry.

Showcase your expertise. Gain notoriety for your thought leadership and support from your industry peers.


  • Increase your followers & convert them into ticket sales.

Collaborate with the right news outlets and wider media to increase your followers. Target your ideal customers and build a tribe of loyal fans who will easily convert into ticket sales.

  • Raise awareness of your show.

Put your show infront of millions and become a memorable go to performer in the industry.


  • Make yourself memorable.

Create a campaign to make your show stand out from the crowd and become the performer everyone remembers.


  • Grow your career.

When you use PR tools you will improve communications, increase organic recommendations, grow your social media following and increase your sales. The power in PR will deliver results beyond your wildest dreams.

Sign up to the group in the PR Mastery For The Arts App, download it here.

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What you’ll get in the Fringe Group.

  • Dedicated Space In The App.

No more Social Media groups and wading through notifications. You’ll have your own dedicated space in the PR Mastery For The Arts App so you won’t miss anything and you’ll be able to catch up or rewatch old sessions so you can create your PR at your own pace.


  • PR Master Series Part One.

You’ll get lifetime access to the PR Master Series part One. The PR Master Series features three learn at your own pace courses. Discover how to write an irresistible press release, opinion piece perfection and Newsjacking. The PR Master Series include everything you need to create the best coverage of you and your show at not only the Fringe but all year round too.

  • Exclusive Community Group.

The Fringe Group is a community of likeminded Fringe performers, ready to take their careers to the next level. Members of our exclusive Fringe group are ready to collaborate, share ideas and share success with you.


  • Exclusive Webinars, Timely PR Prompts & Q&A’s.

You’ll get access to timely PR prompts so you don’t miss out on key dates for the Fringe media. There will also be exclusive webinars, and expert led Q&A’s that will teach you eveything you need to know to make this year’s Fringe your best year yet. You can watch live or watch again and again in the catch up and you’ll be able to use these skills all year round.

Sign up to the group in the PR Mastery For The Arts App, download it here.

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Stand Out At The Fringe & Beyond.

Growing your career in the arts is hard. Especially when you look at the Fringe guide and get the sinking feeling that the industry feels saturated! But the one thing I tell all my clients, who think their industry is too busy, is that when they made shoes, they didn’t stop at one type of shoe.

Think about that for a minute.

There’s literally thousands of shoes out there.

Different shapes and sizes. Made with different materials for different reasons. All sorts of colours, comfort levels, purposes. The shoe industry is heavily saturated, yet you still have a favourite style and brand.

Creators and designers were driven by their passion to create the best shoe for their needs. Then they decided others might enjoy the features they created. So they decided to start a business and before they knew it, they became succesfull in an industry that already had alot of options in it.

It was their passion that made them stand out, their reasons why, their drive to create something unique in an already saturated market. They communicated that passion through the use of PR tools. Those tools, drove their shoe to become the one everyone wanted. Despite being in a saturated market.

When you think about your show, sat in the saturated Fringe Guide, think about shoes. We have hundreds of different shoes in the market. It’s literally an industry that is required for only two feet. Yet we’re still be driven to buy multiple pairs.

You can use PR tools to stand out at the Fringe and beyond too.

The PR Mastery For The Arts App will show you everything you need to know. Including what strategies and tools you need to stand out in our industry. It is completely FREE to download, with no sneaky subscritions, you’ll pay a one off fee for the Fringe group and get lifetime access to the PR Master Series Part One to take your career to phenomenal heights.

Sign up to the group in the PR Mastery For The Arts App, download it here.

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About Carla Speight.

Carla has worked in PR & Marketing accross the arts, entertainment and podcaster sectors for over a decade. Her clients range from up and coming shows and performers, to household name celebrities, globally recognised celebrities and events. Her work has been regularily published in the world’s leading news outlets, magazines, TV, podcasts and radio. Her clients have been nominated for and won prestigious industry awards and seen real career success and growth after working with her.

Carla’s been obsessed with capturing a story and the art of story telling ever since she was a young girl. One summer her mother gave Carla and her younger brother a disposable camera to keep them busy. Almost immediately Carla realised she could capture a moment in time with that camera and unfortunately for her mother, it meant she followed her around all summer capturing candid photos and memories.

As an adult, Carla found a way to turn her childhood passion into a hobby, which quickly turned into a career from capturing globally recognised celebrities performing on stage and industry leaders at events, amongst other newsworthy moments. Her hobby developed quickly into a career that often included the PR tools her clients needed to get their stories out there with the photos she took.

Word spread amongst the industries Carla had been working in and demand grew accross the arts, entertainment and podcaster industries for her talents in capturing a story and writing about it, which saw them published in globally reknowned news organisations. Her clients loved her work and continued to be her biggest supporters, recommending her to peers in their industries.

Helping clients to get their stories into the right places, is a skill Carla has developed over a career that spans over a decade. Whilst it started as a passionate hobby from her childhood, Carla has since gone on to work with globally renowned arts, entertainment and comedy shows and performers. She has supported their growth from early career to becoming someone everyone knows about for the right reasons.

Carla created PR Mastery For The Arts to help bridge the gap between performers and big budget agency fees. She has created an app thats packed with her expertise and experience and has made her vast knowledge easy to follow in learn at your own pace courses, community groups of like minded industry members and her own webinars series and with media industry leaders. As a working class woman, she knows how vast the gaps are within industry and this app is set to close them. She hopes that by sharing her knowledge, passionate performers will thrive using her methods, knowledge and expetise gained from her long career in PR and Marketing.

Sign up to the group in the PR Mastery For The Arts App, download it here.

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