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The Newsworthy Collective

You don’t have to be famous to be featured in the press and media, you just need to be newsworthy. Become empowered and equipped to use the press and media to grow your business for free.

The Industry Expert Club

It’s time to step forward as the thought leader you’re destined to be. Become a reliable source for expert commentary in the press and media and put yourself and your business in front of millions of new customers.

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Carla really helped me focus on how I was presenting myself, with great strategic ideas. But also a great eye for the small, easy things I could be doing.
Vix Leyton

Thank you, Carla for giving me the tools and encouraging me to be bold.
Bea Thackery

I thought I was doing what I could, but Carla shared some really achievable ways for me to make an impact both in PR & writing.
Rabiah Coon

I recommend that your starting point for PR is Carla Speight. Without her expertise, we’d be at square one.
Simon Gibson