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Founder PR

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We work with bright personalities, influential founders, thought leaders and CEO’s of the future with their PR & Marketing services. Our approach makes not only the individual but also the brand stand out from the crowd.

Having worked with some of the UK’s leading founders and CEO’s. We have supported them with a dedicated personal brand PR strategy that has elevated awareness of their achievements, expertise and influential brands. Taking our clients and their companies to new heights of success.

Founders, CEO’s & team leaders make up the brightest minds in business. They should be seen as thought leaders & key speakers for the brand.
We make that happen.

Founder & CEO Personal Brand PR Done For You.

Our dedicated founder and CEO PR team are experts in devising public relations strategies and campaigns to innovatively raise the profile of not only the individual but also the brand.

Some of the finest and most innovative minds are in business and we believe a personal brand is the best way to connect with your ideal customers and build long lasting, trustworthy relationships in our disconnected world.

We inquisitively dive into what sparked the creativity behind the brand, what happened along the journey to success and take those anecdotes forward into the creation of a solid founder, CEO and leadership story.

Developing a personal brand strategy enables you to become a thought leader, innovator and industry expert. We work closely with our clients to develop their personal brand story and use it to raise awareness and the profile of their personal brand and their company.

Utilising over a decade of experience in PR, marketing and talent management, we use your story to place you in the most affluent of opportunities. We work hard to raise not only the awareness of your personal brand and achievements, but also raise awareness of your brand too.

We use your personal brand story to connect you with your ideal customer and raise the profile of your company. Strategically sharing your story in a variety of notable settings.

To discuss what our Done For You Founder PR & Marketing services can do for your personal brand book in a call with Carla.

Some of the important tools we use in our Founder PR service include:

  • Media relations.
  • Brand planning.
  • Personal brand strategy ideas.
  • Strategic PR campaigns.
  • Profile raising interviews.
  • News creation and hooks.
  • Brand curation.
  • Press and wider media outreach.
  • Speaker sessions planning & pitching.
  • Social media strategy.
  • Influential collaborations.
  • Guest spots on TV, radio and podcasts.
  • Ambassador programmes.
  • Credibility campaigns
  • Strategic partnerships.
  • Live events curration & management.
  • Trade shows.
  • Corporate profiling.
  • Photo calls & PR Stunts.
  • Reputation management.
  • Literary works.
  • And more.

To discuss what our Done For You Founder PR & Marketing services can do for your personal brand book in a call with Carla.


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